Kitting in a Lean Manufacturing Environment

Kitting in a Lean Manufacturing Environment

27feb11:00 am12:00 pmKitting in a Lean Manufacturing Environment

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With our detailed webinar you can gain practical insights into the streamlined process of kitting in lean manufacturing. This presentation is tailored for manufacturing professionals seeking to enhance operational efficiency and precision in their production processes.

This Webinar Features:

  • Definitive Guide to Kitting: An in-depth explanation of kitting and its role in reducing complexity on the manufacturing floor.
  • Kitting vs. Sub-Assemblies: A clear distinction between kitting as a precursor to sub-assemblies and its unique advantages.
  • Application Criteria: Criteria for when to implement kitting, supported by examples like seal kits in cylinders and antenna assemblies.
  • Kitting Team Composition: This section covers the roles and responsibilities of the kitting team, including the critical position of the Materials Engineer.
  • Kitting Cell Creation: A step-by-step walkthrough on setting up a kitting cell and ensuring its optimal operation.
  • Efficiency in Staffing: Strategies for staffing the kitting cell to maintain effective cycle times.
  • Container Design: Exploration of kitting container variations and their impact on delivery and point-of-use efficiency.
  • Global Coordination: A look at the coordination required for content production across different regions, highlighting our collaboration with team members in India.
  • Equipment and Safety: The role of the Equipment Engineer and Safety Representative in selecting and appraising kitting equipment.
  • Practical Training: The necessity of comprehensive training for staff involved in kitting, from computer usage to problem-solving.

This webinar will be invaluable to professionals in the manufacturing sector seeking to refine their assembly line processes and reduce material handling complexities. The content is meticulously crafted to deliver a concise yet comprehensive understanding of kitting operations. Join us to equip your team with the knowledge to implement effective kitting strategies. Reserve your spot today!

Presenter: Bob Theut, Director of Industrial Engineering PMC

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