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Attain Operational Excellence with Assured Enhancement in Business Performance and Increased Profit Margins.

PMC provides consultation and training on achieving Operational Excellence through the integration of management philosophies and methodologies to consistently execute business strategies better than the competition. We assist in improving processes and offer services to develop, implement, audit, and maintain Operational Excellence.

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3D scan to CAD conversion Benefits

The value of converting your existing libraries of civil, mechanical, electrical, and architectural drawings to CAD is a reliable way to optimize your business flow and prepare your business for the future.

  • Saves time and increase efficiency
  • Achieve better quality of work
  • Enables precise documentation
  • Save on hiring expert manpower
  • Reduce overhead costs
  • Ensure the highest return on investment

Why Choose PMC?

We bring your architectural and engineering vision to virtual reality in the digital landscape by incorporating tailored 3D scan to CAD conversion solutions. Our team has extensive knowledge working with various industries with advanced techniques to achieve your objectives. Rely on PMC experts to deliver outstanding results: Here is what we will do for you:

  • Ensure swift and efficient delivery of accurate renderings from trained professionals.
  • Handle all technical aspects to avoid the hassles of software and hardware installation.
  • Deliver precise and reliable 3D scan to CAD conversion services every time.
  • Guarantee cost-effectiveness and enhanced performance.
  • Follow a transparent pricing and engagement model.
  • Provide assured quality even with time-critical high-volume projects.

PMC Process

We offer professional, high-quality 3D scan to CAD conversion services for all kinds of residential and commercial projects. Here is an overview of our process:

  • Consultation – Our expert technicians will consult with you by collecting and understanding your objectives while also gathering critical data needed to support the project scope. You this will be when to discuss the type of renderings required.
  • Quotation – We will evaluate and provide a quote for your approval after understanding the project’s scope.
  • Conversion – We utilize state-of-the-art 3D technology to capture the intricacies of physical objects, collect the raw data from 3D scans and process for detailed point cloud generation. Our skilled CAD drafters and designers will also create the initial CAD model during this phase.
  • Optimization – Fine-tuning is an essential part of the 3D scan to CAD conversion service. The CAD model undergoes optimization to streamline unnecessary complexities, and our quality assurance team thoroughly checks and validates it against stringent quality benchmarks.
  • Delivery – Our experts will deliver the final CAD models to you in your preferred format.

Advanced Software

Market Areas

Food and Beverage
Industrial Manufacturing
Movie Industry
Warehouse and Logistics

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