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With experience spanning more than three decades, PMC has assisted firms in optimizing architectural design, engineering, and construction processes. Our expertise includes training project teams across various disciplines, offering tailored consulting services, and enhancing overall team productivity. To assist in continuous improvement, PMC is an authorized reseller of Autodesk software solutions.

Software Savings

Organizations seeking multiple licenses can take advantage of discounted pricing through PMC.

Enhance your performance, creativity, and profitability in design and construction using our carefully curated software suite. Selecting the correct software allows for the utilization of Building Information Modeling (BIM), collaboration tools, immersive visualization (VR/AR), and innovative technologies for transformative results.

PMC has partnered with Autodesk for over 20 years to provide our customers with the best software integration experience possible. Take peace of mind with our expert teams who regularly train and use the Autodesk Suite of products.

Our Autodesk Software Focus Includes

AEC Collections
Employ a comprehensive set of AEC tools including AutoCAD, REVIT, Autodesk Forma, Docs, Navisworks Manage, Insight, 3ds Max, ReCap Pro, and Autodesk Rendering.
Product Design and Manufacturing Collections
Use expanded functionalities tailored for engineers using Inventor, AutoCAD, Fusion 360, Inventor Nastran, Inventor Tolerance, 3ds Max, and Vault Basic.
Provide 3D parametric modeling, seamless project management, and enhanced multidisciplinary collaboration for increased efficiency.
Design in 2D and 3D, automate tasks, and enhance collaboration through machine-learning features.
Address complex infrastructure challenges in a 3D model-based environment, speeding up design, enhancing automation, and promoting collaboration.
BIM Collaborate Pro
Use cloud-based design collaboration to organize data, enhance project visibility, and collaborate effectively on complex projects for timely delivery.
Create precise 2D designs, access editing tools, and customize workflows.
AutoCAD Revit-LT
Provide design to documentation power at a fraction of the cost, enabling small architecture studios to accelerate production workflows and win more BIM-required projects

Why use Autodesk?

Autodesk software solutions are feature-rich and highly capable, making them valuable for professionals in their respective fields.
Industry Standard
Numerous Autodesk products have achieved status as industry benchmarks. Utilizing the Autodesk suite ensures seamless collaboration among professionals, fostering effective teamwork within their respective industries.
Autodesk software simplifies intricate tasks, automating repetitive actions, expediting design refinements, and enhancing teamwork among colleagues. This heightened efficiency translates into valuable time and resource savings.
This software frequently integrates effortlessly with other industry-standard tools and software, ensuring seamless interoperability. This integration is pivotal in establishing a streamlined workflow
Autodesk presents a versatile product lineup tailored to diverse tasks. Whether for architectural design, 3D modeling, real-world simulations, or animation rendering, there's an Autodesk tool perfectly suited to your requirements.
Training and Support
By providing training materials and dedicated customer support, the learning curve is simplified and enables professionals to harness their software efficiently. This robust support system empowers users to unlock the full potential of their tools.
These tools frequently incorporate collaborative functionalities, enabling team members to collaborate on a project concurrently, regardless of their physical location, fostering enhanced teamwork and seamless project coordination.
Updates and Innovation
Autodesk consistently enhances its software to stay aligned with technological progress and evolving industry trends. Subscribers benefit from receiving frequent updates, guaranteeing access to the most up-to-date features and enhancements.

Autodesk is preferred by professionals and organizations for its industry-recognized software, efficiency, adaptability, seamless integration, comprehensive training and support, collaborative capabilities, and unwavering dedication to innovation. These factors collectively help users accomplish their design, engineering, and creative goals effectively.

PM Academy Training

PM Academy provides live, face-to-face instructor-led training as well as virtual learning opportunities in our Autodesk Training and Certification Centers. Our online training for all skill levels is complemented with material through its strategic partner Global eTraining (GeT).

Global eTraining (GeT)

GeT is an award-winning provider of interactive online training solutions in industries such as architecture, engineering, construction, and manufacturing. Designed to enhance the skills and knowledge of software proficiency, GeT provides online training on industry-specific best practices and more.

Global eTraining Features

GeT Interactive

Combines text, audio instruction, video demos, hands-on exercises, and competency assessments in a user-friendly environment.


Build your own courses with custom Learning Paths and Workflow.

Autodesk Plugin

On-demand reference and eTraining tool available directly inside your Autodesk software.

Account Management

Monitor, Measure, and Report learner progress and proficiency.

Full Autodesk Course Offering

Through Global E-Training, PMC is able to offer extensive training options for Autodesk, AutoCAD, and more. Click the toggle above to see our full course offering as it relates to Autodesk, or visit our training section!

Why choose PMC?

Choosing PMC as your Autodesk reseller is a decision driven by depth and breadth of experience. Our 20+ years of simulation modeling and reality capture experience allows us to provide a comprehensive support system tailored to each client’s specific needs.

Our expertise, and dedication to your satisfaction make PMC the trusted partner you can rely on to enhance your productivity and achieve your goals with Autodesk technology.

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