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As an industry leader in reality capture, laser scanning, drones, and CAD/BIM services PMC has decided to share our experience in the reality capture field. We believe that raising the skill level of everyone will support our business as a service provider. As such we’ve begun offering certified AIA CES courses.

If you see a course that you believe your team would be interested in, please click the contact us button. Due to time constraints, we ask that you ensure a reasonably large group from your company commits to attending prior to scheduling a time with PMC.

PMC DE-01: How to Subcontract Facility Scanning 

Tips and tricks to ensure you get what you need, and nothing more, from you scanning subcontractor 

Learning Objectives

  • Avoid pitfalls of poor RFQs with comprehensive project planning 
  • 4 critical questions you can ask to identify dependable laser scanning subcontractors 
  • Understand the differences in requirements between “small”, “large” and “mega” projects 
  • Special considerations for all projects, big and small 

PMC DE-02: Using Point Clouds Efficiently 

A bit of point cloud 101 combined with real-world use cases and live demos of Revit, AutoCAD, and Navisworks workflows. 

Learning Objectives

  • Understanding how and where to compromise on accuracy between the point cloud and model development 
  • Point cloud sharing and workflow best practices 
  • Recognize ways point cloud and reality capture data fit into the design process 
  • Recognize ways point cloud and reality capture data fit into the construction and construction documentation process

PMC DE-03: Where in the World are My Point Clouds? 

Understanding coordinate systems and how to get your point clouds to line up with your models on every project. 

Learning Objectives

  • Gain an introductory knowledge of coordinate systems and data alignment 
  • Recognized the importance of surveyed control points in laser scanning and when they’re necessary. 
  • Apply alignment best practices and workflows. 
  • Demonstration of proper alignment in Revit and AutoCAD 


PMC DE-04: Point Clouds in Construction

Use cases, workflows, and example ROIs focused on reality capture in the construction industry. 

Learning Objectives

  • How to use scanning for construction planning 
  • How to use scanning for construction validation 
  • Unusual use cases and special considerations 
  • The role reality capture plays in Virtual Design and Construction – VDC 

PMC DE-05: Choices in Reality Capture 

With the proliferation of new reality capture technology, how do you know what you will get as deliverables from different technology? We’ll explore the technology and review the outputs from several different technologies. 

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the level of accuracy appropriate for various projects 
  • Learn the way the highest possible resolution isn’t always the best, and understand its relationship with accuracy. 
  • Learn to employ one simple question to ask yourself when choosing technology. 
  • Compare and contrast data sets from different modes of reality capture including terrestrial laser scanning, mobile/wearable scanning units, handheld scanning units, drones/photogrammetry, and Matterport. 

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