Along with the AnyLogic Company, PMC offers a cutting-edge software product and services for simulation, from stand-alone applications to turn-key solutions tailored to customers’ needs. AnyLogic is the first and only tool that allows you to model in three major paradigms – Discrete Event Modeling, System Dynamics and Agent Based Modeling – all within one modeling language and one model development environment.

The flexibility and richness of AnyLogic software allows the utilization of simulation and modeling in virtually all sectors and departments of your business, ensuring more profitable decision making and more efficient problem solving.

PMC provides consulting, installation, training, implementation, and support services for AnyLogic. Contact Us today for more information or to request a quote.

AnyLogic Methodologies

Discrete Event Modeling and System Dynamics take a system-level, top-down perspective, whereas the Agent Based approach employs a bottom-up method wherein the modeler focuses on the behavior of the individual objects. System Dynamics assumes a high abstraction level and is primarily used for strategic level problems. Discrete Event, process-centric modeling is used mainly on operational and tactical levels. Agent Based models may be used at all levels: agents represent companies, consumers, projects, ideas, vehicles, pedestrians, or robots.

Tools and features
  • The native Java environment supports limitless extensibility including custom Java code, external libraries, and external data sources
  • An extensive statistical distribution function set provides an excellent platform for simulating the uncertainty inherent in all systems
  • A powerful experimental framework, built-in support for Monte Carlo simulations and advanced forms of optimization support a wide variety of simulation approaches
  • The object-oriented model design paradigm supported by AnyLogic provides for modular, hierarchical, and incremental construction of large models.
  • Visual development environment significantly speeds up the development process.

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