PMC specializes in analysis, modeling and implementation of all aspects of manufacturing productivity, factory design, and optimization. Depending on the need, using our vast array of industrial engineering consulting services, we can help you scale up production to meet increased demand, or we can show you how to increase the profitability of a facility’s steady throughput. Whether you need assessment, consulting, program management, software, or training, PMC provides a comprehensive set of services to help your organization’s manufacturing productivity initiative succeed.

PMC’s Manufacturing Productivity solutions can benefit aerospace & defense, automotive and industrial manufacturing industries. Our Building Design and BIM Solutions are targeted for AEC (Architecture, Engineering & Construction) industries.


Quality Management & Operational Excellence

These disciplines will help you execute business operations more consistently and reliably than your competition.

Process Design & Simulate

Process Designer and Process Simulate work in combination to manage manufacturing planning data and produce detailed 3D process simulations.


Workplace ergonomics is the science of designing the workplace in order to improve workers’ productivity and to reduce their risk of injury.

Supply Chain

Supply-chain optimization applies processes and tools to ensure the optimal operation of a manufacturing and distribution supply chain

Time Study

Work measurement methodologies include stopwatch study protocols, Predetermined Motion Time Systems (PMTS) such as MODAPTS, and more.

Material Flow

This discipline involves evaluating multiple layout and flow scenarios to design an optimum solution in order to reduce material handling costs and improve throughput.


Advanced production scheduling helps plan a manufacturing facility’s sequences, resources and material flow to hit ship dates and efficiency targets.

Program Management

PMC offers a range of services from base evaluation, to ‘scope of work’ creation, to detailed planning, all the way through full program implementation.

Benefits of Manufacturing Productivity Improvement

  • Reduced non-value-added time in facility design
  • Flexibility in designing and analyzing multiple scenarios
  • Reduced risk prior to equipment installation or commissioning
  • Minimized indirect labor
  • Competitive differentiation for systems integrators and AEC firms

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