Do you have multiple sites with record data in various formats/spanning multiple states? Would having full-dimensional, accurate data for your sites make you more productive? Are you spending too much time looking for information? Think it’s too costly to fix the problem?

PMC’s multi-site solutions can help. Our innovative solutions give you and your team near real-time access to information of your locations. All our data is collected in 3D and is AR/VR ready from the start. Cloud-based or on-premises, your entire team can get the information they need, right when they need it.

BIM offers a significant value proposition to building operations and facilities management. Once synchronized with facilities’ management databases (CMMS, BMS, CAFM, etc.), it can serve as a digital twin, with ongoing maintenance data. BIM data standards begin the integration to tap into this value. PMC has a phased approach for establishing this integration called Enterprise Facilities Integration (EFI). PMC’s multi-site services provide direct access to your asset data, allowing a more detailed view than that offered using traditional global viewing methods. Traditional methods can view only as-built data, but our method provides current asset data all in one single location.

  • Zoom directly from a world map down into individual rooms from any web browser.
  • Data in any format you need it (PDF/AutoCAD/Microstation/Revit).
  • Scalable approach with support for 10 to 10,000 sites.
  • Beyond geometry we capture full metadata for equipment, serial numbers, makes/models, all tied to the same easy-to-use interface.
  • Execute work order completion within the context of the building model.
  • Operations and decision-making utilize a central data environment with an intuitive user experience.
  • Share rich data for change efficiency.
  • Capture complete meta data for equipment, serial numbers, makes/models, etc.

​Want to virtually tour your site in VR? All of PMC solutions are VR-ready! Just plug in any supported VR headset and start walking your facility in virtual reality. Your VR assets from your scanning data are provided by PMC at no additional fee.