Simplicity, Precision, and Ease: 2D CAD Drafting Services

2D drafting services are essential for technical drafting, design documentation, and schematic representation in engineering, architecture, and construction. Utilizing the latest specialized software, PMC creates precise digital drawings and plans to meet your requirements, allowing for accurate documentation of spaces and informed future planning.

Benefits of 2D Drafting Services

  • Enable the creation of accurate and precise technical drawings, reducing the likelihood of errors in design and construction.
  • Provide a visual representation of design concepts, aiding in better understanding and communication.
  • Easily implement changes and revisions, allowing for quick adaptation to evolving project requirements.
  • Contribute to cost savings by minimizing errors, reducing the need for revisions, and facilitating smoother construction processes.
  • Produce comprehensive documentation for future reference, maintenance, and potential renovations.




Related Service: Laser Scanning and Photogrammetry

Utilize the precision of Laser Scanning and Photogrammetry to craft precise digital replicas of physical assets. Used for facility management, BIM, asset management, and more, laser scanning and photogrammetry create detailed models of structures and spaces, allowing for the creation of 2D/3D drawings and Digital Twins. PMC stands out with our extensive experience and adept use of advanced technologies, making us your top choice for achieving accurate digital twins.

Market Areas

Interior Design
Urban planning
Facility Management
Oil & Gas
Education and Research

Why Choose PMC?

Choosing PMC for your 2D CAD services ensures expertise, efficiency, and tailored solutions. With a track record of delivering precise and optimized designs, our team prioritizes your unique requirements. Our knowledge and 40+ years of experience allow us to bring a commitment to accuracy, quick turnaround times, and a collaborative approach, ensuring that your 2D CAD needs are not only met but exceeded.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take?
The time required for 2D CAD services depends on the complexity and size of the project. Simple tasks may be completed quickly, while more intricate projects may take longer to ensure accuracy and quality.
How much does it cost?
The cost of 2D CAD services varies depending on factors such as project complexity, turnaround time, and additional requirements.
How do you calculate the price for an oversized or irregular sheet sizes?
The price for oversized or irregular sheet sizes in 2D CAD services may be calculated based on factors such as the additional time and effort required to accommodate these specifications. Clients may incur extra charges for handling non-standard sheet sizes.
Can I provide my existing CAD backgrounds, fonts, etc?
Yes, clients can provide their existing CAD backgrounds, fonts, and other specific requirements for incorporation into the project. This ensures that the final deliverables align with the client's preferences and standards.
Can we see progress at different stages?
PMC provides progress updates at various stages for client review!
Can I change the turnaround schedule after the project has started?
Turnaround schedule changes may be accommodated during the project, subject to discussion between PMC and the client.

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