Manufacturers of durable goods, heavy equipment and machinery, and industrial products face intense global competition, increasing product complexity, and pricing pressures. PMC offers innovative solutions that enable industrial manufacturing companies to accelarate time to market, reduce costs, improve quality, and gain a competitive advantage. 


PMC Solutions for Industrial Manufacturing are organized into four categories.

1. Engineering Productivity Solutions 

Integrated product and process development with secure, synchronized data management that reduces time to market. Solutions include: Program Management, Requirements Management, PDM, Configuration Management, CAD Data Integration, Collaboration, Modeling and Simulation, and Virtual Prototyping.

2. Manufacturing Productivity Solutions

Continuous process improvement that increases productivity while simultaneously increasing quality, and improving safety in the workplace. Solutions include: Work Measurement, Capacity Planning, Part & Assembly Planning, Plant Optimization, Simulation, Scheduling, Lean, Ergonomics, Occupational, Health and Safety, Environmental Management, and Project Management.

3. Quality Solutions

PMC provides quality services that exceed customer expectations. Services include international standard certifications, quality core tools, auditing, quality management system integration programs, Six Sigma (DMAIC), Design For Six Sigma (DFSS), and Effective Problem Solving (8D Methodology). PMC partners with Siemens to provide a complete suite of Quality Management products such as CompliantPro and QMS Professional.

4. Supply Chain Management Solutions

Strategic and tactical alignment of OEMs and suppliers that provides agility to meet changing demand and production schedules. Solutions include: Strategic Network Planning, Demand Planning, Inventory Optimization, Supplier Development, Transportation Planning and Route Optimization.


Benefits of PMC solutions include:

  • Improved design and engineering collaboration

  • Shorter product development cycles

  • Shorter engineering change cycles

  • Reduced design and assembly rework

  • Shorter manufacturing and assembly times

  • Lower inventory

  • Optimized supply chain performance



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