PMC has more than 15 years of labor utilization, time study, and work measurement expertise. Our engineering team includes multiple MODAPTS-certified industrial engineers who are prepared do conduct ergonomic studies at your manufacturing or service facility. Furthermore, in order to train other engineers, our professional instructors are certified through IMA (International MODAPTS Association) and can deliver training courses at cost-effective rates.  

MODAPTS is a specific work measurement methodology, and its name is an acronym that stands for Modular Arrangement of Predetermined Time Standards. Unlike the MTM and MOST standards, MODAPTS uses a MOD as its basic unit of measurement (1 MOD = 0.129 seconds). However, like Basic-MOST, MODAPTS uses a coding technique that consists of a letter and an integer number, where the integer numbers each represent MODS that can be easily added to determine a coded task’s time.

The Methodology of MODAPTS

In MODAPTS, all activities are categorized into three basic classes of Elements:

  • Movement class. This class refers to the movement through space done by “Finger, hand, arm, shoulder, trunk.” An activity in this class must be followed by one in the Terminal class.
  • Terminal class. Activities performed at the end of the movement. They are in close proximity to the workpiece.
  • Auxiliary class. Activities that are not performed by the “Finger, hand, arm, shoulder, trunk” system, e.g., reading a gauge or issuing a verbal instruction.

PMC can perform MODAPTS studies at our customers’ facilities, or our instructors can deliver training courses to customers who wish to learn the MODAPTS methodology for themselves.

Benefits of MODAPTS for ergonomic studies
  • Very few activity types
  • Easy to understand and use
  • Index values are for a specific activity and not for a range of activities, resulting in improved accuracy of standards
  • Simultaneous activities can be easily identified and assigned
  • Clerical and administrative activities can also be addressed
  • Minimum subjectivity​
  • Less complications as far as number of parameters are concerned​
  • Parameter definitions as well as values are specific and clearly defined, making it easy to estimate the activity​​
  • Cost of training, certification and re-certification is less
  • MODAPTS® has been used for more than 20 years in more than 40 countries around the world

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