Automated Guided Vehicle or “AGV” simulations build dynamic virtual environments that are flexible for subsequent product and manufacturing system changes. AGVs replace “fixed” conveyer systems throughout a facility by using their programed self guided capabilities to make stops along fixed routes. AGVs enable plant managers to reroute and deploy new material movement scenarios without physical layout changes or investing in special equipment. AGV simulations optimize material movement options by capitalizing on AGV versatility and technological capabilities, such as GPS route algorithms, in “real time” and Sideways “Crab” movement. AGVs can be deployed only when material needs to be moved, rather than conveyors that run 100% of the time, and AGVs can also launch a swarm of units to handle larger throughput demands. AGV’s diagnose maintenance issues, and dynamically call for their own replacement units, thereby avoiding production downtime.

PMC provides simulation for all types of manufacturing AGV types. Not sure what you’re looking for? Learn more about the various types of AGV simulation in our explanation video.

  • Automated Guided Cart (AGC) Simulation
  • All Wheel Steer (AWS) Simulation
  • Crab Motion Simulation
  • Robotic Material Handling Unit Simulation
  • Zero Turn AGV Simulation
AGV Terms Defined
  • Automated Guided Cart (AGC) Simulation
    • Ideal for for assembly line work & transportation. AGCs allow for automation of material transfer in a facility.
  • All Wheel Steer (AWS) Simulation
    • Automated Guided Vehicles with all wheel steer are more maneuverable than their two wheel steer counterparts.
  • Crab Motion Simulation
    • Simply put, “crab motion” allows AGVs to move sideways around pillars along a predetermined self guided path.
  • Robotic Material Handling Units
    • Robotic Material Handling Units not only cut the cost of human workers, but they are capable of handling jobs that humans simply cannot. These machines don’t need breaks, time off, and can work all through the night tom complete tasks.
  • Zero Turn AGV Simulation
    • With a 0° turn radius, these types of AGVs are without the most maneuverable without sacrificing speed.
What can AGV Simulation do for you?

AGV simulations can help you optimize your material handling systems. PMC can help you to build simulation models that can be modified for what-if scenarios and to account for real time adjustments and produ

AGV Simulation Advantages
  • Improves productivity
  • Decreases downtime
  • Optimize throughput & material flow
  • Adjust to disruptions and changes in production flow

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