Improve Factory Layout & Design: Increase productivity and ROI

Factory layout and design optimization assesses multiple scenarios to design layouts that reduce costs, enhance throughput, and minimize space. We create accurate 2D or 3D CAD models for material flow analysis and customized solutions. We tailor designs for diverse industries, offering precise visualizations to address inefficiencies specific to your exact scenario.

Factory Layout and Design Optimization Capabilities

Benefits of Facility Layout Planning and Analysis

  • Maximize throughput and productivity by minimizing downtime
  • Reduce machine set-up and change over time
  • Reduce inventory level and inventory space
  • Reduce material handling equipment usage
  • Improve ease of maintenance for machinery
  • Improve floor space utilization
  • Enhance Ease of Operation Management
  • Improve capacity utilization
  • Improve OLE (Overall Labour Efficiency)

Our Approach

Management Requirement Analysis
    • 5 years business growth projection
    • Specific strategy/Goal for new plant
    • Layout effectiveness criteria set up
    • Identify operational demands by analyzing current factory layout and material flow
Data Collection
    • Product, raw material, machine, and process analysis
        • Quantity volume
        • Lead Time
        • CTM
        • QTC/CTB
        • Cycle Time
Inventory Design
    • Ensure Zero Delivery Failure and Zero Line Stop
    • Reduce / Optimize Inventory
    • Reduce Fire Fighting in Inbound and Outbound Logistics
Production Floor and Work Cell Design
    • Production Ergonomics Design
    • Identify inefficiencies and bottlenecks
    • Evaluate and select optimal layout design
    • Plan the transition process from current layout to improved layout
    • Ensure Quick Change Over and quick maintenance
    • Zero Machine Stop Due to Material Unavailability
    • Validate from Management
    • Confirm & Handover
    • Ensure Optimum Layout Efficiency
    • 2D and 3D Designing Handover
    • 3D (Live) Simulation if required
    • Implement and monitor performance of the layout for continuous improvement

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Layout and Design Optimizations helps drive operational excellence, here are some major benefits that improve your ROI:

  • Line Balancing improvements
  • Improved overall manpower utilization
  • More accurately calculated manpower requirements
  • More efficient usage of space
  • Optimized inventory
  • Reduced operating costs and improved profitability

Industries that Benefit from Factory Layout and Design Optimization Services

Warehouse and Logistics
Food and Beverage
Steel Manufacturing

Why Choose PMC?

With a dedicated focus on industrial engineering, we bring decades of experience in optimizing layouts across diverse industries. Our comprehensive approach integrates advanced tools, including Static Material Flow Analysis and dynamic simulations, ensuring thorough evaluation and effective solutions. PMC's team offers valuable insights to enhance workflow efficiency, reduce waste, and maximize operational productivity. Whether in manufacturing, automotive, warehousing, or other sectors, PMC delivers tailored solutions that drive efficiency and contribute to overall success.

Factory Layout and Design Optimization Resources

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you design a manufacturing plant layout?
Designing a manufacturing plant layout involves planning the arrangement of equipment, machinery, workstations, storage areas, and other facilities within the plant to optimize workflow, efficiency, and productivity.
What is plant layout design?
Plant layout design refers to the process of organizing and arranging the physical infrastructure and resources within a manufacturing facility to facilitate smooth operations, maximize space utilization, and enhance overall productivity.
What is facility layout design?
Facility layout design is similar to plant layout design and involves arranging various components, departments, and resources within a facility to ensure efficient workflow, minimize movement, and optimize space utilization.
What is a lean plant layout?
A lean plant layout is a layout design that emphasizes the principles of lean manufacturing, such as minimizing waste, reducing unnecessary movement, and improving flow efficiency. It aims to create a streamlined and flexible layout that enhances productivity and eliminates non-value-added activities.
What is a manufacturing factory layout plan?
A manufacturing factory layout plan is a blueprint that outlines the arrangement of equipment, workstations, storage areas, and resources within a manufacturing facility. It aims to optimize material flow, minimize bottlenecks, and enhance productivity. Key considerations include workflow sequencing, space utilization, safety measures, ergonomics, accessibility, and flexibility to accommodate future changes. A well-designed manufacturing factory layout plan is crucial for maximizing production efficiency and operational effectiveness while ensuring a safe and ergonomic working environment for employees.

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