The most powerful, capable, and easy-to-use 3D simulation software, FlexSim lets you model—and improve—existing and proposed systems.  FlexSim comes packaged with ExpertFit, the industry standard in distribution-fitting software. With simple drag-and-drop controls, FlexSim enables you to place objects and resources directly into a 3D environment, and it is fully integrated with the OptQuest engine.

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Key Features of FlexSim
  • Robust standard objects. FlexSim includes a standard object library, with each object containing pre-built logic and task execution to mimic the resources found in real-world operations. FlexSim objects are defined and programmed in four classes: fixed resource class, task executer class, node class and visual object class. 
  • Logic building tools. The logic for a FlexSim model can be built using very little or no computer code. Most standard objects contain an array of drop-down lists, properties windows, and triggers that allow the user to customize the logic required for an accurate model of the system. FlexSim also includes a flowcharting tool to create the logic for a model using pre-built activity blocks.
  • Drag-and-drop controls. Users can build the model by dragging and dropping predefined 3D objects into a “model view” to lay out and link the model. Experienced users also have the option to specify and modify object parameters and behaviors using FlexScript and C++ programming languages.
Areas of Application

As its name suggests, FlexSim is flexible, general-purpose simulation software with a wide range of applications.

  • Manufacturing: Fabrication, assembly line, job shop
  • Material handling: Conveyor systems, AGV, packaging, warehousing
  • Logistics and distribution: Container terminal operation, supply chain design, distribution center work flow, service and storage layout
  • Transportation: Highway system traffic flow, transit station pedestrian flow, maritime vessel coordination, custom traffic congestion
  • Others: Oil field or mining processes, networking data flow, and more

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