Jack® software from Siemens helps you seamlessly integrate human factors and ergonomics into the planning, design and validation stages of the product lifecycle.  This advanced, trusted product enables you to size your human models to match worker populations.  PMC’s expert simulationists will unlock the power of the software to test your designs for injury risk, user comfort, energy expenditure, and other important human parameters.  PMC has over a decade of experience leveraging Jack® software to help our customers conduct reach analysis and fatigue analysis, define manufacturing processes to optimize human movements, and even build customized training modules.

PMC provides consulting, installation, training, implementation, and support services for Siemens Jack®. Contact Us today for more information or to request a quote.

Jack® Software Features
  • Anthropometrically accurate human figures
  • Biomechanically accurate human figures
  • Visually realistic human figures
  • Task simulation engine generates series of activities
  • Static and real-time fatigue, low-back analysis, etc.
  • BIOSH, OWAS, RULA standards
  • Fast human manipulation controls
  • Most comprehensive set of tools
  • Extensive motion tracking support
  • Force-influenced posture prediction
  • Vision and Reach envelopes
  • SAE guidelines
Jack® Software Benefits
  • Assess ergonomics throughout product lifecycle
  • Create human-friendly designs
  • All-in-one environment for ergonomic analysis
  • Uncover human feasibility issues
  • Communicate issues
  • Visualize potential solutions

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