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PMC employs Reality Capture technology to collect data from physical spaces or objects using LiDAR, 3D laser scanning, drones, and photogrammetry. The collected data is then registered, analyzed, and transformed into a detailed 3D digital representation, allowing for a comprehensive and accurate analysis of the space or object. These 3D models are interactive and provide insights into areas of improvement and potential. PMC's expertise in Reality Capture extends to a wide range of spaces and structures, from city blocks to manufacturing facilities, and can be presented as 2D or completely simulated 3D environments.

Our Reality Capture & CAD Services Include

Laser Scanning & Photogrammetry

Quickly acquire 3D models of buildings, exteriors, and facilities at cost-effective rates. Capture current conditions (as-builts) across multiple site locations, manufacturing facilities, historical sites, and more with the latest FARO and NavVis laser scanners and Drone technology.

BIM Services

PMC transforms point cloud models into Building Information Models (BIM) in native formats like AutoCAD, REVIT, 3DS Max, and Inventor. This precise, real-world data empowers VDC technicians to minimize errors and increase efficiency.

CAD Services

We have a wealth of experience in providing CAD Services across various industries, including manufacturing, architecture, and beyond. From 2D and 3D drafting to modeling and rendering, PMC helps you gather data to enhance your processes.

Digital Twin Technology in Reality Capture

Comprehensive digital twin and digital mapping, ranging from just two scans to as many as 25,000. We assist in developing Industry 4.0, Digital Twin, AR/VR, and 2D CAD models. Gain the advantages of Digital Twins for urban planning, manufacturing facilities, and beyond!

Our Reality Capture Experts

For more than three decades, our team has been delivering Reality Capture and CAD Services to clients worldwide. We have an extensive track record, having successfully completed over 8,000 projects across multiple industries, including automotive, architecture, aerospace, defense, healthcare, construction, and engineering. Our team is dedicated to reducing construction timelines and maximizing returns on investment, and we offer round-the-clock support to ensure customer satisfaction. 


Locations Captured


Projects Completed

Reality Capture Services Benefits by Industry

Food and Beverage
Industrial Manufacturing
Movie Industry
Video Game Industry
Warehouse and Logistics

Reality Capture Advantages & Benefits for Architecture, Engineering and Construction

  • Utilize digital data to produce an accurate virtual model of a project
  • Efficiently capture millions of data points from a site or structure within a short timeframe
  • Optimize workflows by leveraging reality capture technology
  • Meet and surpass production deadlines 
  • Interact with your environment through augmented and virtual reality
  • Effectively manage restricted or hazardous areas
  • Identify discrepancies between the as-planned and as-built stages
  • Enhance schedule performance 

Reality Capture Advantages & Benefits for Manufacturing

  • Utilize reality capture technology to enhance workflows
  • Minimize potential hazards such as heavy traffic and scaffolding
  • Manage restricted areas within your environment
  • Enhance performance and increase efficiency
  • Utilize augmented reality to simulate "what-if" scenarios to test processes before implementation 

Software & Technologies

Reality Capture Media

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