Using the latest BIM standards, PMC can get the most out of your facility during its “building life cycle.” PMC has a worldwide team of engineers to handle any sized 3D modeling or BIM projects to increase ROI of your facility by creating an intelligent model for all project and asset data.

3D modeling allows you to create a digital twin of your facility. A digital twin is a 3D, digital representation of the current as-built of your asset. This allows you to bridge the gap between intelligent model and the physical structure. Having up-to-date asset data provides managers and teams immediate access to all building information remotely. PMC can get more out of your BIM model with our facility management services.

The Traceable 3D system starts with a unique washer to achieve quality assured benchmarks. Washers are installed in multiple locations around your site and surveyed using advanced survey techniques to achieve high accuracy coordinates of each washer. A prism or other accessories then attaches onto the washer with the built-in magnet. Our technology suits all types of surveying, scanning and metrology instruments. The PMC method saves you time and improves productivity.

Benefits of BIM
  • Accurate data management
  • Pre-construction project visualization
  • Clash detection
  • Reduced Cost
  • Increase productivity
  • An intelligent model functions as a living document, extending 3D models beyond geometry, and creating data-driven workspaces.
  • Provide a foundation for Flexible Manufacturing, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and the Internet of Things (IoT).
  • Empower decision-makers to visualize and operate on business-critical information.

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