Documenting High-Detail Conditions for Historical Models

March 18, 2020

Documenting High-Detail Conditions for Historical Models


Stephanie Sobieski |

PMC’s customer needed to capture a high level of detail laser scanning in order to document existing historical elements. The scan data was used to record the features of a historic structure prior to its renovation. If at any time in the future there is an interest in returning the structure to its “original” state, the customer has documented the original features’ exact details and dimensions.

Organizations that are charged with preserving national monuments or historical buildings may commission “current state” scans to document conditions, then follow up with periodic scans, typically at 5-year intervals. Comparisons of successive scans often reveal indications of condition changes before damage becomes outwardly apparent. Also, when a structure’s site is prone to natural disasters (flood, earthquake, tornado), recorded scans can provide vital documentation for restoration efforts.


Historical modeling options

PMC delivers models with the level of detail that your organization requires.

Laser scanning for historical modeling

Laser scanning captures all features and conditions in order to ensure an accurate 3D model.

Historical revit model

Realistic 3D models are based upon the very precise point cloud data that PMC captures.

Render of high level historical interior

PMC field teams are able to add realistic textures and lighting to a render.
Click on this model to rotate, zoom and explore!

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    Stephanie Sobieski

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