PMC Case Study | Efficient 3D Laser Scanning for Fast-Food Establishments

October 31, 2023

PMC Case Study | Efficient 3D Laser Scanning for Fast-Food Establishments


joydeep | Senior Engineer - PMI Corps


PMC specializes in providing high-volume scanning services for a diverse range of clients, including fast-food chains, fast-casual establishments, cafes, and food markets. Despite the competitive nature of this sector, PMC has secured exclusive contracts for scanning thousands of these locations. We have efficiently scanned and delivered high-quality results for virtually every fast-food and fuel chain in the United States, including Petro, Arby’s, Subway, Taco Bell, Burger King, KFC, Speedway, Travel Centers of America, and many more.

Customized Contracts and Detailed Data Collection

High-volume scanning is unique and requires that each contract with our clients be individually negotiated, allowing for efficient and cost-effective scanning. These agreements typically provide guaranteed one-year pricing, ensuring a total site scan for a predetermined price per location. This approach provides our clients with cost certainty and flexibility in terms of scheduling and deliverables.

Our experienced team conducts comprehensive asset audits, collecting detailed point clouds and photographs of interiors and exteriors, which include not only facades but also part numbers, panel and meter information, heating and cooling specifications, electrical panel data, and more. This asset information is crucial for our clients' decision-making processes and project planning.

Logistical Challenges and Rapid Delivery

One of the primary challenges in this fast-paced industry is the need for quick turnaround times. PMC commits to completing projects within ten days, from the initial scan to the final delivery of CAD/BIM data. Our team understands the importance of timely deliverables and works diligently to meet these deadlines. 

Managing scheduling and maintaining consistent scanning and delivery across multiple sites can be challenging. However, PMC's use of multiple capture technologies simplifies logistics

We prioritize franchise owners and personnel, ensuring their comfort, meeting their needs, and providing a positive experience while avoiding service disruption. 

PMC offers deliverables in a range of formats, including 2D AutoCAD or PDF and many 3D/BIM formats, documentation provided in Comprehensive asset information is provided in a number of formats ranging from Excel matrixes to online hosted applications. We also provide comprehensive data storage solutions, which gives our clients flexibility based on their needs.

Benefits of our Multisite Laser Scanning Services

Detailed scans offer a multitude of benefits, enhancing both training and customer experiences. Leveraging laser scanning for rebranding can improve visual merchandising, allow for redesigning store layouts and product displays, and allow virtual walkthroughs of newly designed spaces.

Laser scanning can provide a vivid snapshot of each location's layout, required maintenance, repairs, and potential enhancements for franchise owners to review remotely. Decision-makers can gain insights into foot traffic dynamics, optimize evacuation strategies, refine shelter-in-place protocols, and improve employee workspace navigation for enhanced efficiency.

In a post-COVID world, where the use of space has evolved, these detailed scans become especially valuable. They facilitate a thorough understanding of how people interact with and navigate through environments, enabling businesses to adapt effectively and ensure a safe and optimized experience for all.

What can Laser Scanning do for your business?

With decades of experience and a large team of experts, PMC excels in managing multiple projects simultaneously, delivering precise results on time. Our efficient scanning benefits various fast-food and restaurant clients through customized contracts, fast turnarounds, and advanced technology, ensuring client satisfaction, cost-effectiveness, and quality. Contact us to learn how laser scanning can improve your establishments and processes.

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