Visual Planning is a collaborative, flexible, and mobile scheduling platform. Allocate resources and share schedules with colleagues, customers, and partners to work together more efficiently. This project management visual tool is available in: SaaS, On Premise, and Subscription modes.

Visual Planning’s collaborative platform allows you to manage and monitor the progress of your staff, projects, and assets efficiently. Flexible and adaptive, Visual Planning provides solutions to all trades and industries to efficiently manage staff, resources, and equipment. Optimize company productivity regardless of project length, complexity, and/or size with visual planning software.

Key Features For Production Scheduling
Production Manager
  • Optimize order management: Centralize all your purchase orders and find them in a few clicks
  • Pan your production orders, stations, machines, etc.
  • Follow the working time of your teams and assign employees according to their availability and skills
  • Forecast and anticipate your needs in logistic resources: Visual Planning helps you optimize the production cycle thanks to its numerous indicators
  • Follow also the inventory of parts and materials needed for your work in order to make replenishments on time
  • Reorganize activities in real time to respond to emergencies and priorities
  • Notify any delays using collaborative or communication tools

Production Team

  • Report the hours spent on each task and their progress
  • Quickly report any problem encountered to allow the production schedule to be updated
  • Access your schedules directly on tablets and smartphones
Key Features For Construction
Managers & Supervisors
  • Plan and monitor your projects with precision and details• Maintain up-to-date information from all worksites continually
  • Monitor & forecast, planned versus actual schedules, hours entered, and progress made on each project
  • Manage teams, vehicles, and machinery allocated to each site and track availability
  • Create and maintain your own database of customers, suppliers, and subcontractors
  • Manage your subcontractors and suppliers efficiently based on costs, capacity and skills
  • Integrate Visual Planning with your existing IT systems: ERP, CRM, and quoting applications
On-site Teams
  • Access your schedules from anywhere on mobile devices (tablets or smartphones)
  • Update your tasks in real-time to indicate completion or delays
  • Generate precise, personalized reports for optimum tracking of your hours and expenses
  • Receive e-mail or SMS notifications for any change of schedule
  • Share information between connected users using instant collaboration features (chatrooms, forums)
Key Features For Project Management
Key Features For Scheduling
Key Features For CRM
Sales Manager
  • Allocate an account to a sales representative with a simple drag and drop
  • Instantly review team performance against goals and drill down to each individual rep’s activities
  • Show sales forecasts for any given time period
  • Build custom reports to monitor any sales indicators
  • Display consolidated views of quotes, orders, and invoices
  • Fine-tune user privileges and workflows to align the actions of team members with company objectives

Sales Team

  • Manage your leads and customers, from identifying an opportunity to after-sales follow-up
  • Easily schedule and record all your sales activities (calls, meetings, presentations, proposals, etc.)
  • Quickly identify who needs your attention now and act upon it
  • Access detailed reports to monitor your pipeline and sales
  • Automatically generate documents such as quotes and proposals
  • Get your agenda and all customer data anywhere: in your inbox, on your e-mail calendar, or on your smartphone or tablet
Key Features For Support & Field Service
Hotlines or Call Centers
  • Schedule and optimize shift changes and on-call periods
  • Track customers details and filter based on customized categories, statuses, contracts or products
  • Monitor the availability of your resources, equipment, parts, and tools
  • Maintain a single document repository (archives and logs)
  • Measure performance and anticipate customer demand using precise reports containing all the indicators you need (number of cases handled, average response time, etc.)
  • Inform your customers immediately whenever progress is made by sending automated e-mails

Maintenance & Field Operations

  • Assign the appropriate resources to complete field service jobs based on skills, availability, and location using a simple drag and drop
  • Organize interventions routes based on staff available
  • Optimize routes based on each intervention location using the geolocation module
  • Give your teams access to their individual intervention schedules on tablets or smartphones
  • Create and store your maintenance contracts and intervention documents automatically in the application
  • Monitor the deadlines and statuses of actions carried out in the field in real time
Key Features For Fleet Management

Vehicle Fleet

  • Quickly review your vehicle availability and location
  • Track incidents, calculate mileage, fuel consumption, and toll cost
  • Get a detailed record for each vehicle and centralize all the information you need
  • Compare availability and usage with demand to optimize costs
  • Receive e-mail and/or SMS notifications for deadlines (vehicle inspections, licenses, insurance, oil change, etc.)

Equipment & Software

  • Track availability of any mobile hardware, or software (license management)
  • Create an inventory and store detailed technical data, supplier information, and locations for all company equipment
  • Quickly allocate equipment to team members or set up a self-booking platform and track history of assignment
  • Track equipment status, including scheduled maintenance, outage, and repairs
  • Get notified for upcoming deadlines (scheduled maintenance, service contract expirations, etc.)

Rooms & Facilities

  • Centralize booking for all rooms and facilities in a self-booking platform
  • Issue documents such as rental contracts and booking confirmations automatically
  • Track payments for each booking effectively
  • Implement business rules to avoid double bookings, over-capacity bookings, or any booking inconsistency

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