Enhanced Data Management: Efficient Multiple Site Laser Scanning Solutions

PMC is your trusted partner in precision laser scanning and comprehensive as-built documentation solutions. At PMC, we understand the critical importance of accurate and detailed site information for clients managing multiple locations. With our state-of-the-art laser scanning technology and a team of experienced professionals, we specialize in delivering unparalleled accuracy and efficiency in documenting dozens or hundreds of sites for our clients.

Drive efficiency with our Multiple Site Laser Scanning Process.

Data Capture Methods

Features of Multiple Site Laser Scanning

  • Effortless navigation from a world map to individual facilities to individual rooms using any web browser
  • Total web compatibility
  • Support for various file formats such as PDF, AutoCAD, Microstation, or Revit
  • Scalability to handle projects ranging from 10 to 10,000 sites
  • Capture of detailed metadata accessible through a user-friendly interface
  • Centralized data environment
  • Enables accurate as-built documentation, clash detection, and construction progress monitoring
  • Applicability to engineering design, structural analysis, and plant layout planning
  • provide direct access to your asset data


Experience immersive virtual tours of your site with PMC's VR-ready solutions.

Simply connect a supported VR headset and explore your facility in virtual reality. PMC provides VR assets from your scanning data at no extra cost, allowing you to navigate your site in a realistic and engaging manner.

Related Service: Digital Twin in Reality Capture

PMC is a leading provider in reality capture techniques, utilizing laser scanning, drones, and photogrammetry to acquire accurate digital data points and create detailed 3D models of structures, equipment, and entire communities. Our expertise enables us to deliver authentic digital twins to our clients, supported by advanced software and tailored solutions. We excel in enabling precise predictive maintenance, intricate theoretical models, streamlined manufacturing changeovers, and effective urban development and planning.

Our Experts

At PMC, our greatest asset is our team of highly skilled and dedicated professionals who bring passion and expertise to every project. Comprising a diverse group of individuals, our employees are at the forefront of our success, combining technical proficiency with a commitment to excellence. Trained in the latest laser scanning technologies and equipped with extensive experience in the field, our team members are not just employees; they are partners in delivering top-notch as-built documentation services to our clients. Their collective dedication ensures that we consistently exceed expectations, providing accurate and detailed insights that empower our clients to make informed decisions about their sites.

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