PMC Virtual Tours 

PMC Virtual Tours offer a cost-effective tool to evaluate existing conditions before the need for actual laser scanning. Often preformed in the pre-design stage of projects PMC Virtual Tours offer amazing quality 360-degree images with preliminary 3D data all built on the world’s leading spatial data platform.

3D Virtual Walkthroughs

Get the advantage of our 3D walkthroughs that enable your entire team to experience the site as if they were really there, empowering your team to make better decisions, earlier in the design process. 

Floor Plans & Point Clouds

PMC Virtual Tours are a cost efficient, effective method to survey existing buildings and report the preliminary building layouts and conditions to manage maintenance and develop conceptual remodeling plans. When your project is ready, PMC can provide you with the gold standard in as-built modeling, laser scanning.

Difference Between Virtual Tours & Laser Scanning

PMC has been generating digital twins for decades. To deliver the best solution to our partners we support a large list of reality capture equipment. It is important to understand what your projects can expect from digital twins and virtual tours developed from different reality capture technologies. The two most common capture technoliges for sites are MatterPort and Laser Scanning.

Virtual Tours - MatterPort and similar devices

Virtual Tours offer a great, low-cost solution to capture your site at a low level of measured data and a high level of photo quality. This capture is the ideal solution for early project planning and on-going operations. It is not a good solution for architectural design or engineering. If you intend to use the data to develop design, engineering, or fabrication documents you need laser scanning.

Laser Scanning

For over 20 years laser scanning has been the gold standard in reality capture and as-built modeling. It provides high levels of both geometric capture and photos. Laser scanning is the appropriate technology for most active projects within the architectural, engineering, and construction space.

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