Unsafe Conditions and Virtual Walkthroughs

March 18, 2020

Unsafe Conditions and Virtual Walkthroughs


Stephanie Sobieski |

The Model T Building is a former Ford Motor Company factory located in Highland Park, MI. From 1910 to 1927, the Highland Park Ford plant was the site where the iconic Model T automobile was manufactured, and it served as the headquarters of the Ford Motor Company. It was at this plant that the first moving assembly line was introduced. The 5-dollar work day was introduced at Ford Motor Company.

PMC’s scanning experts documented physical historical evidence of existing conditions in this long-abandoned building. Our safety-trained staff carefully scanned the challenging structure. We made an 3D model in Revit. By leveraging captured data to provide online virtual walkthroughs to our client, we were able to minimize the number of their people who needed to access the site; and by utilizing Scan-to-BIM, we provided our client with an as-built model for planning restoration.

Scan data allows for a virtual walkthrough of an unsafe building, thereby minimizing the risks associated with real-life visits.

web share of point cloud data

Virtual walkthrough of scan data for safe viewing of historic buildings.

Rendered As Built Revit model

Point cloud data modeled into a 3D realistic render.

Transition of point cloud data to As Built Revit Model

Laser scanning documented all conditions. PMC created an as built Revit Model.

PMC field teams were able to safely scan the complex structure and to create an as-is model in Revit.

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Stephanie Sobieski

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