PMC offers Program Management services and Program Management Consultation beginning with base evaluation to ‘scope of work’ creation through full program implementation. Our team of highly trained managers and engineers can custom-tailor your improvement programs to suit the needs of your company. From material handling to workstation design, from greenfield operations to brownfield improvements, PMC has the experience and knowledge to deliver a complete program on time and within budget.

A program can range from several weeks to several years and may include key people such as industrial engineers, mechanical engineers and simulation engineers. Each individual plays a key part in the overall success of the program while reporting to one program manager to act as the single point contact for the client. Successful Program Management will increase general efficiency within related tasks, and serve to improve profits and maximize ROI.

PMC Program Management Services
  • Standardize flow of parts, products, information, equipment, and people
  • Design of Facilities and Equipment (F & E)
  • Optimize layout and delivery routes
  • Balance workstation workloads
  • Design display of materials
    Optimize presentation of the parts in the golden zone
    Perform dock and storage analysis
  • Minimize inventory levels
  • Provide Field Testing, Laser Scanning and 3d/2d CAD Modeling
  • Ensure consistent quality of parts delivered by suppliers
  • Optimize kitting, sequencing, and sub-assembly area design
  • Develop PFEP Databases
  • Manage program launch activities
Client Success

“The overall implementation of this activity will ultimately shorten our lead time, thus bringing higher quality [product] to market faster.”
-North America Automotive OEM, Senior Operations Manager

“Quality Award presented to Production Modeling Corporation for Distinguished Achievements toward Customer Satisfaction as a member of the Plant Simulation Team.”
-North American Automotive OEM

“The knowledge and skills that PMC applied to this project have helped to solve some of the extremely difficult roadblocks.”
-Major Automotive Tier I Supplier, Materials Manager

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