Today’s building owners are realizing benefits of using intelligent BIM systems for sharing useful information among properties. The main driver is confidence in establishing and keeping financial budgets for facility design, construction, operations, and maintenance under control.

BIM to FM is the journey of utilizing Facility Management Integration Technology to exchange information between virtual models of new/existing facilities across many locations – for monitoring and implementing operational and maintenance processes. Deploying BIM to FM provides significant cost-saving benefits for building maintenance as well as accurate inputs for sound decisions for future expansion and/or renovation.

As the technology for BIM model creation has become more widespread so has the differences between quality service providers and sub-par providers. Choosing a reputable, established provider can be the difference between success and failure on your facilities project. PMC uses decades of experience in reality capture and model building, along with leading edge software to create intelligent CAD/BIM models. Global engineering teams are leveraged, and rigorous quality frameworks give PMC an edge to scale up critical stages of a project and deliver results on time.

Our basic principle is the same for every project; we formulate a well-defined SOW that follows an orchestrated project plan and execute beyond expectations.

Benefits of BIM to FM

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