Simulation software is based on the process of modeling a real phenomenon with a set of mathematical formulas. It is, essentially, a program that allows the user to observe an operation through simulation without performing that operation. PMC provides services for, trains in, and is a value-added reseller for most of the world’s leading simulation software.

Siemens Plant Simulation

Plant, Line & Process Simulation & Optimization

Tecnomatix® Plant Simulation software enables the simulation and optimization of production systems and processes. Using Plant Simulation, you can optimize material flow, resource utilization and logistics for all levels of plant planning from global production facilities, through local plants, to specific lines.

Extensive analysis tools, such as bottleneck analysis, statistics and charts let you evaluate different manufacturing scenarios. The results provide you with the information needed to make fast, reliable decisions in the early stages of production planning.

Siemens Process Designer

Powerful 3D environment for manufacturing process planning

Process Designer is a digital manufacturing solution for manufacturing process planning in a 3D environment. Process Designer enables speed-to-market by allowing manufacturing organizations to bridge product and process design with integrated authoring capabilities that leverage digital product development resulting in faster launch and higher production quality.

Siemens Process Simulate

Manufacturing process verification in powerful 3D environment

Process Simulate is a digital manufacturing solution for manufacturing process verification in a 3D environment and it is a major enabler of speed-to-market by allowing manufacturing organizations to virtually validate manufacturing concepts upfront – throughout the lifecycle of new product introductions. The ability to leverage 3D data of products and resources facilitates virtual validation, optimization and commissioning of complex manufacturing processes, resulting in faster launch and higher production quality.


A simulation tool that can create 3D models of the largest and most complex manufacturing systems

AutoMod is the leading graphical simulation software package for modeling, analyzing and emulating complex manufacturing and material handling systems. It simulates complex movement systems with 3-D animation, verifying that systems will work as planned, which reduces the risk of costly design mistakes. With over 30 years of industry experience built into its design—coupled with best-in-class accuracy—AutoMod is the most widely used simulation software by high tech and automation companies.

  • 3-D virtual reality animation graphics
  • Material handling templates
  • Detailed statistics and optimization
  • Interactive Modeling


Intuitive simulation software packed with powerful features
  • Fast and easy to use
  • Build, run and share simulations anywhere
  • Fuel decisions with fast, focused results
  • Base decisions on truth with data integrations
  • Visual and interactive insights
  • Multi-method modeling to Simul8 any decision
  • Limitless customization


PLM for Manufacturing

Proplanner is a leader in process engineering and management software for manufacturers who assemble products. These applications automate, streamline and integrate engineering activities for industrial and manufacturing engineers who design and plan production systems for new and modified products.


Simulation Software for Every Business Challenge

AnyLogic provides a single platform for all your business’ dynamic simulation modeling needs. It is the first and only tool that allows you to model in three major paradigms: Discrete Event Modeling, System Dynamics and Agent Based Modeling all within one modeling language and one model development environment.


The most powerful, capable, and easy-to-use 3D simulation software, FlexSim lets you model—and improve—existing and proposed systems.
  • FlexSim comes packaged with ExpertFit, the industry standard in distribution-fitting software.
  • Simple drag-and-drop controls to place objects and resources directly into the 3D environment.
  • The Standard Object Library contains a variety of objects that be used to immediately build models.
  • FlexSim is fully integrated with the OptQuest engine.


Make better decisions with Simio
  • Uses 3D object-based modeling – the model is created step by step, graphically; making object based modeling an extremely quick and easy process.
  • Allows for multiple modeling potential – the ‘intelligent’ objects can interact with each other, allowing for representation of discrete and continuous systems.
  • Next generation of simulation software – Simio models can be used to conduct risk-based optimal scheduling and they also have digital twin capability.
  • No programming required. Models can be built by anyone who knows the system, without the need for simulation software engineers.
  • All in one, complete model. Only a single model is needed, even when the application is large scale or complex in nature.
  • Totally accurate portrayal. The simulation software provides an exact model which is the perfect test environment of a real-life situation.


Consistently the most flexible, powerful, proven process simulation technology in the world, Lanner’s desktop modelling studio, WITNESS Horizon, enables professional modelers to rapidly develop feature rich models and simulation apps that provide unparalleled insight through dynamic data visualization and freedom to test choices in a risk-free virtual environment.


Pedestrian Dynamics

Pedestrian Dynamics is a comprehensive crowd simulation & modeling software application

Pedestrian Dynamics® provides a state-of-the-art simulation environment designed to model any kind of pedestrian infrastructure or environment in which the performance, safety, and security can be analyzed and optimized. It is easy to use and allows rapid model building importing any type of input data quickly into 2D, 3D and VR virtual platforms.

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