PMC uses reality capture to develop Industry 4.0, Digital Twinasset BIM, and 2D CAD.   We have a large team located worldwide to support all digital twin/digital mapping projects.  Our teams utilize the skills and software tools/formats commonly used by our clients.  We have commissioned data for various industries and worked closely to understand the scopes of work they are helping our clients achieve.  Our mission is to partner with Architects, Engineers, planners, real estate owners, etc., in understanding the level of reality capture and 3D data to fit the needs of projects and deployments. Of course, it helps that we are also one of the world’s largest 3D laser scanning service providers. 

Because we are one of the largest 3D laser scanning service providers globally, we deploy state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to capture any environment you have. From the most significant multi-site projects to a small single building scan, we offer a wide range of reality capture solutions to fit your need. We have completed projects ranging from just two scans up to mega projects requiring over 25,000. We offer a wide range of reality capture and laser scanning solutions ranging from traditional fixed location scanning to mobile scanning and photogrammetry solutions.  

We have extensive skills in software and cloud data environments.  This experience helps us deliver data faster and more collaboratively.  Technology and agile teams help PMC meet the needs of industries challenged with delivery schedules and deploy quality data into stakeholders’ hands.  One of the advantages of working with so many different projects and initiatives is exposure to many solutions.  PMC has adopted the best-in-class solutions in-house and is always looking to work within solutions our clients prefer.