The PMC YouScan Program

While laser scanning has become standard on many projects, sometimes it is left out on smaller projects because mobilization costs can be prohibitive. At PMC, we want to ensure that all projects have access to the transformative power of truly accurate data. To that end, we developed the PMC YouScan program. YouScan replaces the traditional cost of a skilled on-site scan technician with your in-house talent using PMC’s hardware. With simple-to-follow instructions and a scan plan created by one of our experts, you will soon have your true as-built data for use on your project. Gone are the days of slow and inaccurate manual measurements.

How It Works

PMC will handle all parts of the reality capture project except the fieldwork of running the scanner. We will plan the project and load a box with everything you need, including the scanner and an iPad. You will open the box on-site, follow the quick start video on the iPad, complete the scanning, and send the scanner back to PMC. We will take it from there and in a few days, your data will be ready.

What will I get?
On the day of scanning, you will receive a box shipped to your location. Within that box, you will find a state of the art laser scanner, a tripod, and an iPad. The iPad will contain all the information you need to get going including instructional videos for setting up the equipment and a quick link to chat with one of PMC’s expert scan technicians. Once the scanning is complete and the scanner is returned to PMC the data will be processed in one or more different outputs depending on what has been requested.



Core deliverables on every YouScan project

  • Registered and aligned RCS, RCP, and any other Autodesk Point Cloud format or POD files for use in Siemens and Bentley products
  • Native Faro Scene project files
  • Raw scans from the scanner
  • 6-months of secure hosted web-accessible data with unlimited user access.

Optional Deliverables

  • 3D Modeling services AutoCAD/Revit/Microstation and many more platforms.
  • 2D AutoCAD modeling
  • Model collision detection
  • Construction verification (24-hour turn around)
  • Floor flatness studies (24-hour turn around)
  • Beam deflection studies
  • Percent of complete studies
  • Fly throughs and presentations
  • Many more custom and standard deliverables available.

Before First Scan

Your Tasks

PMC’s Tasks

  • Supply a PDF or DWG file of the scope area to PMC.
  • Participate in a kick-off meeting to establish project goals.
  • Participate in a kick-off meeting to record project goals.
  • Develop a scan plan for you.
  • Participate in a kick-off meeting to record project goals.
  • Develop a scan plan for you.
  • Review scanning plan with you and gets sign off
  • Uploads plan to iPad app
  • Sets up the scanner
  • Ships scanner overnight
  • Local option for curbside
  • Receive the scanning equipment iPad and custom scan plan.
  • Un-Box and launch scanning site on iPad.
  • Follow the step-by-step videos that will ensure a smooth experience.
  • iPad can video chat with PMC scan tech.
  • On-call for video support.
  • Return scanner, iPad, and scan plan to case and ships back to PMC with the included shipping label.
  • As soon as the scanner is received, PMC will begin post-processing the data.
Good and Bad Projects for YouScan

Not every project is a great fit for YouScan. Some are too large, some are small but too complex. Exactly what is and is not a good fit will depend a lot on your comfort level with performing the fieldwork. If you’ve done several YouScan projects or have a skilled scanner technician on your staff almost all projects can be YouScan. If it’s your first ever scanning project let’s keep it small.

Good Fit

  • Smaller project up to 50k sq. ft.
  • Simple spaces such as office buildings.
  • Technically comfortable with new things

Bad Fit

  • Large (100k sq. ft. +) or complex projects.
  • Most projects that require targets.
  • Above ceiling scanning

Deal Breakers

  • Anything that PMC feels will put you or our equipment at high risk of injury or damage.
  • Jobs that are far too complex and are likely to fail.
Scanning is done, now what?
Now that the scanner is on its way back to PMC you sit back and relax. Your data will be ready in a day or more depending on the exact deliverables. In all cases, PMC will post-process, register, and align your point cloud. We will then post it to our web-based, virtual tour & data download platform which will allow you to access all of your projects scan data directly from the site.
More Solutions
  • Own your scanner? We can post-process your data at the same low rate with no daily charge for the scanner.
  • Have lots of sites or one huge one? We can help with volume pricing and experts who do almost 80,000 scans per year. We know big scanning.
  • Are you sinking in too much data? We have developed some of the most cost-effective storage and transfer solutions anywhere in the scanning world.
  • Have a large exterior site? Drone to point cloud is likely the best solution for you.
  • Need some other custom solution? We are here to help. PMC is not a scanner rental company. We have experts all offer the world with years of experience to help you with any size project.