Large Facility Scanning

February 27, 2020

Large Facility Scanning


Stephanie Sobieski |

Mega projects that exceed 1,000,000 sq. ft. or 100,000 sq. meters are a PMC specialty. Our teams have some of the most experience in the industry in the execution of mega-scale laser scan and modeling projects. Having completed multiple projects that approach 10,000 scans, few others can provide proof that your next mega project can be completed without any issue.

There are numerous challenges when performing work at a large scale. Everything from data management to schedule can make these jobs a challenge. Most mega projects also present challenges in accessing of facilities, whether that’s a running assembly line or a hospital that is seeing patients, PMC has the experience to work under all circumstances.

PMC’s Laser Scanning capabilities can range from small projects to million-square-feet factories. Laser Scanning and 3D modeling provide companies with construction validation built-to-model, route verification of MEP’s, virtual design and construction, information for equipment relocation, identification of CAD errors and challenges with factory obstacles like overhead conveyors for off-site fabrication.

Laser scan of large facility

PMC delivers models with the level of detail that your organization requires such as MEP and HVAC.

Laser scan data to 2D CAD model

Laser scanning captures all features and conditions in order to ensure an accurate 2D/3D model.

Laser scan Data

Our scan team captures all aspects large or small.

Laser scan data to 3D model

PMC field teams can model large scanned data.

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Stephanie Sobieski

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