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BIM (Building Information Modeling) is a powerful tool for capturing and managing building data. By utilizing reality capture technology, we can create highly detailed information models that help reduce costs, save time, and improve safety at your facility. Our BIM modeling services optimize planning, design, project management, and maintenance stages of a structure. We begin with a Scan-to-BIM process, which accurately captures the necessary data to create a digital twin of your project, if desired.

BIM Capabilities

Scan to BIM

We use point cloud data to create a detailed BIM model and 2D CAD model of your site, including walls, slabs, roof plans, facades, landscapes, and pipes. Our Scan to BIM services also include clash detection for renovation and reconstruction projects, which helps to reduce costs and save time.

Architectural BIM Services

We offer REVIT BIM Architectural Models that utilize point cloud scans, sketches, and drawings to meet the specific requirements of our clients. Our services include 3D rendering, which enables you to have a digital visualization of your site.

BIM for Facility Management

Our team of experts offers BIM Asset Models for your space or structure, providing tools to enhance the coordination and management of your facility. These models enable better communication of information, aid in space management, and offer more accurate as-built documentation.

MEP BIM Services

At PMC, we produce highly accurate mechanical, electrical, and pipe models using REVIT, AutoCAD, CADDuct, and FABmep. Our models require minimal modifications and align with the BEP and LOD requirements. Our data-rich models provide valuable insights for improving workflows, scheduling, and project management.

Structural BIM

We provide a structural model, helping to improve construction processes and streamline collaboration and give greater clarity on structural BIM projects. With architectural data and the use of virtual design planning, your team can more easily visualize the structure and the project itself, improving design processes.

Virtual Design and Construction (VDC)

Virtual Design & Construction enables comprehensive management of a construction project's complete life cycle. By leveraging our robust 3D modeling capabilities, you can employ a digital model to envision structural designs, construction methods, project schedules, and financial plans, regardless of whether your site is new, renovated, or restored.

Clash Detection BIM

In the process of creating a project, various professionals such as architects and engineers develop their own individual models. However, by integrating all of these designs and models into a BIM modeling system, it becomes possible to detect clashes. Our team is dedicated to identifying and examining these clashes, thereby enabling us to resolve potential issues before they occur.

BIM Services Advantages and Benefits

Creating a comprehensive digital twin requires the implementation of various techniques, and BIM plays a crucial role in this process by offering a multitude of methods to help accomplish your organization's objectives.

  • Ensure consistent and up-to-date access to models and information
  • Improve collaboration among teams
  • Optimize architectural design processes for high-performance builds
  • Simplify infrastructure, building lifecycle, and facility management
  • Streamline equipment maintenance and repairs
  • Increase accuracy in quantity estimations
  • Minimize construction errors
  • Evaluate multiple infrastructure scenarios such as roads, rails, drainage, and utilities
  • Facilitate structural stability evaluation
  • Simplify joint design process
  • Enable remote safety inspections
  • Leverage data to enhance workflows
  • Enhance client communication using 3D visuals
  • Reduce energy waste and carbon emissions

Industries which Benefit from BIM Services

Civil Engineering
Educational Institutions
Government Facilities
Healthcare Facilities
Heritage Monuments
Industrial Production Spaces
Mechanical Engineering
Office and Retail
Oil & Gas
Residential and Multi-Family

BIM technology offers data-rich models that provide digital representations of objects and spaces. With BIM software, it becomes possible to design various site elements such as foundations, beams, walls, columns, ramps, and slabs. High-quality building data can be captured and managed effectively, leading to significant time savings, cost reductions, and enhanced site safety.

Software & Technologies

Related Service: Digital Twins in Reality Capture

To create a three-dimensional model of a structure, equipment, or even an entire community, digital data points are gathered through various means such as laser scanning, drone, and photogrammetry - this process is known as reality capture. Once this is done, process interactions and systems information can be integrated. PMC's experts use cutting-edge software to develop a precise and realistic 3D model that is customized to your project. Our Digital Twins Solutions are utilized by many clients and provide accurate and comprehensive data that helps achieve various goals, including predictive maintenance, theoretical models, manufacturing changeovers, and urban planning.

Our BIM Experts

At PMC, our expertise lies in delivering exceptional BIM services for a range of construction, engineering, and architectural projects. We cater to various markets such as healthcare, industrial, commercial, and residential structures. With over 30 years of experience in reality capture and 3D modeling techniques, including scan-to-BIM, our team is equipped to handle any project with precision and excellence. We have a skilled team of experts who are committed to meeting your specific project needs.

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