Building Information Modelling, or BIM, saves time, reduces cost, and improves site safety at your facility by capturing and managing high-quality building data. PMC provides digital twin value by working with your team to commission BIM data in order to meet your organization’s needs.

PMC reality capture data can be used immediately without special software tools. Using reality capture to create information models is invaluable for design, construction, and facilities management teams as they visualize facilities for design and maintenance purposes. Accurate 3D model information optimizes planning, design, project management and maintenance stages of building and plant life cycles.

PMC can assist with the first critical step – scope definition. There are many processes and levels of service to consider ensuring we include the right level of information in the digital twin to suit your team needs and goals. With a clear understanding of your teams needs, PMC develops the plans for site work and modeling. Often, scanning and reality capture is the first step, especially when little to no accurate facility information is available.

Now more than ever, virtual teams collaborate using digital twin data in the cloud. Asset BIM models containing building elements allow building owners to perform remote safety checks across multiple sites. Shared models create a single source of digital truth, ensuring everyone has consistent access to the same models and information, eliminating redundancy. Information models allow building stakeholders to be more agile, transparent and efficient.

VDC | Virtual Design & Construction

Virtual Design and Construction, digitally coordinating construction, solving problems before they get to the field.


Standardizing object metadata, within a building information model, for the value proposition of Facilities Management and Operations.

2D to 3D Data Conversions

3D modeling shortens design time and also improves the communication within an organization, as well as among its suppliers and customers.

Building & Site Laser Scanning

From simple to complex, laser scanning and other reality capture techniques are the fastest way to capture existing conditions.

Intelligent BIM Models

Increase ROI of your facility by creating an intelligent model for all project and asset data. BIM can help you get the most out of your facility throughout its life cycle.

Digital Twins

Virtual representation of an asset, building or environment that not only represents the geometry but the interactions, process and systems that allow it to function.

Multi-Site Scanning

Our innovative solutions give you and your team near realtime access to information of your locations. All our data is collected in 3D and is AR/VR ready from the start.

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