WITNESS Simulation Software gives you the power and flexibility to model your working environment, simulate the implications of different business decisions and understand any process, however complex. As a result, you can always be confident that you have found the best business solution for your organization—before making a financial commitment to change.

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Features of WITNESS
  • Simple and powerful building block design
  • Easy to use standard Windows PC implementation
  • Powerful range of logic and control options
  • Elements for discrete manufacture, process industries, BPR, e-commerce, call centers, health, finance and government
  • Quality graphical displays
  • Powerful synchronization with existing databases (ORACLE, SQL Server, Access, etc), direct spreadsheet links in/out, XML save formats, HTML reports, links from partner BPM and CAD applications, and more.
A Choice of Editions

WITNESS is available in two versions – the Manufacturing Performance Edition and the Service and Process Performance Edition. Optional modules add virtual reality, optimization, VISIO and CAD linkage.  Both editions include:

  • 3d Simulation with Quick3D
  • Powerful Element Libraries and Control Options
  • Modular and hierarchical structure
  • Extremely Interactive
  • Costing and Sustainability Support
  • Comprehensive Reporting
  • In-depth Experimentation Options with Optimization as standard
  • Superior Connectivity

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