Whether it’s greenfield, brownfield, tenant improvement, retrofit or historical preservation: PMC subject matter experts can help. We offer many tools that add value to an AEC project, from 2d BIM to LOD 400 BIM. With PMC as your partner, you can be assured access to best-of-breed technologies for the AEC sector.


Visualize and Justify Ideas

Before you commit to a design, PMC shows you the future project in many “what if” scenarios. We create realistic street views by combining accurate location information with simulations of automobile traffic, pedestrian movement and other dynamic considerations. This allows you to evaluate available options; collaborate with other parties such as owners, architects and general contractors; and iterate high-level concepts until consensus is reached  

  • Laser scanning point cloud data collection creates accurate representations of proposed locations.
  • Simulation of users during ingress, egress, and occupancy, in conjunction with vehicle traffic and parking, integrate the flow of people and equipment throughout the site.
  • Business analytics help stakeholders forecast how site use and revenue flow will evolve over time.
  • Reality-based visualizations deepen understanding of working concepts and help inspire project participants to propose new ones.

Facilitate the Concept

As your concept evolves into a formal design plan, PMC provides more detailed visualization and analysis. Advances in 3d technologies allow for virtual and augmented reality views of the facility, sophisticated renderings, and more granular models. These tools empower you to refine, optimize and validate design prior to spending construction budget. Just as importantly, they encourage user-centered design – the best experience possible for those who ultimately will use the building  

  • Building Information Modeling (BIM) encompasses advanced technologies such as intelligent 3D Modeling, fly-throughs, and virtual/augmented reality.
  • 2D/3D conversion with Revit, AutoCAD, and other best-of-breed tools literally adds another dimension to the design process.
  • Laser scanning captures as-built data for tenant improvement/retrofit projects, and Point Cloud conversion abstracts the data into readily editable BIM and 3d CAD models.
  • Simulation of pedestrian and vehicle traffic flow in and around your facility – even hospitals, airports, large event venues – helps guide design decisions with the end-user experience in mind.

Achieve the Design

The coordination of sub-contractor teams requires well-executed management and change control. Accountability ensures accurate, efficient, and safe realization of the design. PMC’s as-built visualizations illuminate divergence from and adherence to the design plan. These aid the accurate fabrication of any pieces that must be made off-site, and subsequently allow for construction verification and proof of work.  

  • Building Information Modeling (BIM) tools assist with management, change control, and accountability.
  • Laser scanning for BIM provides objective, accurate construction verification data.
  • Real time 4d construction simulations help identify potentially problematic stages of the construction process before they become critical situations.
Facility Management

Documentation After Construction

Throughout the facility’s lifecycle, well-maintained archives reduce the ongoing cost of ownership.  PMC helps you compile archives and leverage them into inputs for future simulation models and optimized preventive maintenance schedules. Proactive identification of upcoming maintenance and advance visualization of the tasks involved keep tenants and users happy, keep structures in compliance with building codes, and keep cost of ownership low.  

  • Preventative maintenance analytics help facility managers proactively draft optimized PM schedules.
  • Laser scanning of completed sites provide maintenance crews advance information on tasks to perform and the parts and tools that they will need.
  • Track ongoing activities in a facility management system to keep schedules on target, accountability high, and operating costs low.



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