Our Supply Chain Optimization & Productivity Solutions help your company improve the performance of your supply chain and reduce its operational costs. What makes our solutions unique are the proven business process improvement methodology, deep knowledge of supply chain modeling and optimization software tools, including powerful simulation tools to visualize every facet of your supply network.

Whether you are new to the game or a veteran of the system, PMC offers services from qualified subject-matter experts who are committed to your success, and can assist with everything from building an entirely new system to small and efficient modifications to an existing, well established supply chain network. PMC’s Supply Chain Optimization & Productivity offerings include assessment, software sales and training, implementation, ongoing support, and mentoring.

PMC’s Supply Chain Optimization & Productivity Solutions

Demand Planning: Achieving a holistic demand plan across all relevant organizations enables superior overall supply chain efficiency. In today’s dynamic business environment, simple statistical forecasting delivers insufficient precision. Incorporating business intelligence in the forecast is essential to generating better demand plans.

Inventory Optimization: The right amount of inventory is imperative to ensure smooth running of supply chains. Reasons for having inventory include economies of scale, demand and/or supply uncertainty, replenishment lead time, seasonality and speculation, and meeting customer requirements.

Transportation and Route Optimization: Reducing transportation costs is taking on increased significance in this time of weak demand and fluctuating fuel costs. Optimal transportation routes that remove waste from supply chains are a source of competitive advantage that affects the bottom line.

Supply Chain Network Design: Supply Chain Network Design involves optimizing the supply chain network by taking into account several factors such as transportation costs, warehousing costs, inventory costs, and labor costs. Thousands of possible routings make it impossible to solve network planning problems without use of a sophisticated algorithm.

Warehouse Material Handling and Layout Simulation and Optimization: The Plant Simulation Warehousing and Logistics Asset Library provides functionality for simulating all aspects of a warehouse operation. As well as standard warehouse functionality, such as storage racks, layout and reach trucks, the software also includes functions for order picking and value-added logistics. The behavior of these objects mimics reality by allowing for things such as varying demand, disruption of resources and variable pick times and offers unrivaled realism compared with other popular calculation methods.

Benefits of PMC's Supply Chain solutions
  • Supply Chain Network Optimization to minimize costs of facilities and transportation
  • Reduce inventory assets while satisfying your customer commitments
  • Improve service levels within inventory budgets and storage constraints
  • Quantify cost implications of increased service levels
  • Supply Chain Optimization & Productivity solutions are targeted for all industry verticals, including Aerospace and Defense, Automotive, Industrial Manufacturing, Food and Beverage, and Warehousing and Logistics industries.

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