Solvent Processing Unit Steel Detailing

April 20, 2024

Solvent Processing Unit Steel Detailing


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PMC Completes Complex Hazardous Waste Facility Project for Environmental Services Provider

Software: SDS2                               

Tonnage: 125 TONS


  • 3D Model in SDS/2
  • GA Drawings
  • Assembly Drawings and Part Drawings
  •  NC and DXF files
  • Bolt Lists
  • Gathered crucial dimensional information: vertical and horizontal braces, beam-to-column connections, anchor bolts, Z-girt, and purlin details.
  • Managed structural complexity of the roof with multiple structural members.
  • Coordinated pipe rack steel components with existing on-site steel.
  • Implemented extensive remodeling revisions and detailed framing adjustments.
  • Modeled approximately 564 sag rods connecting to the girt.

PMC’s Skilled Team:

  • Identified critical structural framing connection needs, expediting development through RFIs to the Engineer of Record (EOR).
  • Ensured appropriate designs through comprehensive connection and model reviews at each project stage.
  • Facilitated issue resolution through client meetings, providing clear insights into necessary modifications.
  • Strategically selected team to expedite project completion, meeting specified turnaround times and minimizing delays.
  • Diligently addressed nearly 50 RFIs, tracking each request to ensure 100% adherence.
  • Obtained client-approved final erection and shop drawings after rigorous QC.

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