BIM Collaborate: Dynamic Design Tools for Adaptive Modeling

Autodesk BIM Collaborate, available through PMC as an authorized Autodesk reseller, is designed specifically for the AEC industry. Serving as a centralized platform, it facilitates real-time collaboration among teams working on BIM models. BIM Collaborate offers seamless teamwork with features such as model coordination, issue tracking, and cloud-based collaboration.

PMC, your trusted Autodesk reseller, provides direct access to premier design and engineering solutions. With expertise in Autodesk's product range, we offer efficient and legitimate access to cutting-edge software, keeping your business ahead in design and construction technology. Opt for PMC for a smooth experience in obtaining and implementing top-tier Autodesk solutions.

Benefits of Utilizing BIM Collaborate

  • Enjoy cost savings with volume discounts
  • Opt for reliable software that follows industry standards for compatibility
  • Allow teams to concurrently work on shared models, streamlining the design and coordination processes
  • Accurately track project changes and stay updated on modifications
  • Offer an intuitive interface, making it easy for users to navigate and access project data effortlessly
  • Centralize project data, providing a single source of truth for all stakeholders and optimizing data management.
  • Improve efficiency in design, coordination, and overall project execution

Why Choose PMC?

Choose PMC as your reseller for BIM Collaborate solutions! Our expertise and track record make us the trusted partner for streamlined collaboration in Building Information Modeling. With PMC and BIM COllaborate, experience enhanced coordination, accelerated timelines, and improved communication.

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