October 26, 2023

Hybrid Reality Capture Powered by Flash Technology


joydeep | Senior Engineer - PMI Corps

Introducing PMC's Groundbreaking Hybrid Reality Capture with FARO's Flash Technology

In the fast-paced realm of technology, PMC is thrilled to unveil a new advancement in reality capture. PMC is a FARO-certified scanning partner and is proud to announce that we now offer hybrid reality capture driven by FARO's groundbreaking Flash Technology.

What is Flash Technology, and why is it reshaping the world of 3D laser scanning?

Traditionally, 3D laser scanning has been associated with meticulous data collection, ensuring the utmost accuracy but often at the expense of time. These traditional scans can often take 7 minutes or more each. Enter FARO's Flash Technology—a complete 30-second 3D laser scan that doesn't compromise data quality. 

With the new FARO Premium featuring Flash Technology, we combine the precision of traditional terrestrial laser scanning with the rapidity of a 360-degree panoramic camera. This offers a solution that is adaptable to projects across markets including architecture, construction, and engineering.

Benefits That Redefine Expectations

Reducing on-site scan time brings forth a multitude of advantages for our clients and projects:

  1. Minimal Disruption: PMC can now navigate occupied spaces with minimal disturbance, thanks to significantly reduced scanning time.
  2. Swift Results and Collaboration: FARO's new workflow ensures data is swiftly available to project stakeholders, streamlining collaboration between project managers and field crews.
  3. Assured Thoroughness: FARO's stream interface constructs a comprehensive image of the captured data, guaranteeing 100% coverage and boosting operator confidence.
  4. Accelerated Project Timelines: Reduced field time, quicker registration, less rework, and faster modeling translate into meeting project deadlines with speed.
  5. Enhanced Safety: Scanning hazardous areas now involves less exposure to technicians and scanners, ensuring operator safety.

Exceptional Results, Faster Than Ever

Using reality capture, PMC can acquire data faster than before, ensuring expedient and accurate project completion. Contact PMC's Digital Reality Division today to explore how our Hybrid Reality Capture, powered by FARO's Flash Technology, can revolutionize your projects.

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