PMC Partners With Smiling Machines | Press Release

November 23, 2021

PMC Partners With Smiling Machines | Press Release


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PMC is pleased to announce its new strategic partnership with Smiling Machines.


“Our partnership with PMC opens the door to the US market. PMC‘s many years of experience in simulations and the huge library of data for over 4 decades gives us the opportunity to create the perfect Digital Twin for our customers.” said CEO of Smiling Machines, Mr. George Koutsoudakis.


“Predictive maintenance services are one of the biggest bets in the 4.0 industry, something that Smiling Machines seems to be doing with remarkable results,” said Michigan Professor and CEO of PMC Dr. Onur Ulgen.


Smiling Machine is a Greek next generation technology company that provides Predictive Maintenance and Digital Twin services. It is one of the few companies in the world that manufactures its own AI fault detection sensors.


PMC is a leading provider of quality, engineering, manufacturing, training, operations productivity, metrology, terrestrial scanning, and building information modeling solutions. With proven track record spans four decades and includes more than 7,000 completed projects for 700-plus customers. in diverse industries such as automotive and transport, aerospace, defense, healthcare, high technology, architecture, engineering and construction.

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