Solving Real-World Problems Using Simulation Software

Solving Real-World Problems Using Simulation Software

28jun11:00 am11:55 amSolving Real-World Problems Using Simulation Software

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Unlock the potential of simulation software in tackling complex challenges across healthcare and manufacturing industries. Join our engaging webinar as we dive into concise yet informative case studies tackling real-world problems.

In the healthcare sector, we will examine two remarkable case studies. The first focuses on the optimization of global COVID-19 vaccine distribution, showcasing how simulation software streamlines supply chain logistics, ensures equitable access and enhances distribution efficiency. The second case study delves into bridging the HIV testing gap in South Africa, highlighting how simulation software optimizes testing strategies, identifies underserved areas, and improves resource allocation to increase testing rates and reduce the impact of the disease.

Shifting gears to manufacturing, we will explore two additional case studies. The first case study explores facility design optimization, demonstrating how simulation software helps determine the ideal equipment quantity for planned production and future expansion. Learn how this technology enables efficient layout design, reduces risks, and allows for scalable growth. In the second case study, we will showcase how simulation software maximizes production efficiency by streamlining workflows, identifying bottlenecks, and optimizing resource allocation in existing manufacturing plants.

By attending this webinar, you will gain valuable insights into the practical applications of simulation software in healthcare and manufacturing. Discover how this powerful tool revolutionizes problem-solving approaches, enhances operational efficiency, and drives innovation in diverse industries.

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Presenters: David Stone, Director of Simulation (PMC), and Tom Stephenson, Director of Services and Strategic Partnerships (SIMUL8)

Date: Wednesday, June 28th at 11 AM ET


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