Enhancing Efficiency: Elevate Your Operations with Layout Optimization Consulting

Layout Optimization involves strategically organizing space and resources to maximize efficiency and profits. PMC conducts thorough evaluations of various layout scenarios, offering expert recommendations to minimize waste, improve safety, enhance production efficiency, and ultimately elevate your business's overall performance.

Our Layout Optimization Consulting Capabilities

Benefits of Layout Optimization Consulting

  • Optimize machine, workstation, storage, and conveyor placement.
  • Create cost-effective layouts.
  • Minimize operational costs and resource use.
  • Enhance production efficiency and reduce downtime.
  • Contribute to sustainability and environmental goals.
  • Streamline maintenance and repair processes.

Software & Technologies

Market Areas

Layout Optimization Consulting services can be applied to a variety of industries, including.

Warehouse and Logistics
Food and Beverage

Why Choose PMC?

Choose PMC for 30 years of layout optimization expertise, leveraging advanced simulation programs and a proven track record. Our team of domain experts, with 75+ years of combined experience, ensures tailored solutions for your specific industry needs, backed by our global presence in India, the USA, China, Europe, and beyond.

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With extensive experience in conveyor simulation, PMC excels in planning and testing conveyor systems virtually, ensuring heightened efficiency and safety in advance of physical construction. Testing under various conditions enables engineers to identify and implement improvements proactively, streamlining the actual construction process.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is layout optimization?
Layout optimization is the process of determining the most efficient arrangement of space and resources to maximize efficiency and profits. This is done by evaluating multiple layout scenarios to reduce waste, increase safety, and increase production efficiency.
How do you optimize production layout?
PMC uses CAD data to create discrete event simulations to model plants, factories, or other facilities. This data can give current and future projections of production based on current and potential layouts of the production area. The simulations can find optimal layouts to increase throughput, reduce stoppages, and reduce handling costs.
How do I optimize Factory Layout?
Discrete event simulations based on data from the factory can be utilized to test many different layouts for where machines and stations should be situated within a factory. Depending on the goal, increasing safety, and minimizing space requirements within the factory are examples of some of the goals that can be optimized.
Can I get multiple simulations of Layout According to my requirements?
PMC has expertise in several different simulation software programs, including Anylogic, Automod, Flexsim, Pedestrian Dynamics, Siemens Jack, Siemens Process Designer, Siemens Process Simulate, Siemens Plant Simulation, Simio, Simul8, and Witness. Depending on the specifications of the project, multiple simulations can be utilized. Multiple options can also be found from specific software to provide different improvements to the current layout.
Does plant layout design also includes safety aspects in shop floor?
One of the main pillars in layout design improvement is improving safety. Ergonomic factors can be analyzed to prevent injuries on the shop floor and make sure machine repairs are easier to perform.
Can we get 3D Simulations of Plant Layout?
Both 2D and 3D simulation data can be utilized in layout optimization. Certain simulation software programs only provide 2D layouts, so 3D capability can help determine which software will be used for the project

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