Maximize Efficiency: Production Time Study Consulting for Enhanced Process Improvement

Production Time Studies involve the precise observation and measurement of human work. By breaking tasks into manageable steps, closely observing production processes, and conducting thorough data analysis, these studies are invaluable in enhancing labor efficiency and pinpointing production bottlenecks. PMC’s skilled team specializes in identifying how time is allocated, helping you achieve your production goals.

Benefits of Production Time Studies

  • Reduce labor costs and downtime
  • Gather precise timing data
  • Develop more efficient workflows
  • Accurately record production targets
  • Identify redundant activities
  • Simplify processes
  • Improve time utilization
  • Locate sources of production bottlenecks
  • Identify opportunities for lean methodology implementation
  • Assist in more efficient labor utilization and workflow improvement
  • Improve customer satisfaction

How We Perform a Production Time Study

  • Define project objectives
  • Break down each job process
  • Conduct production time studies
  • Precisely document data
  • Apply time and motion study methods (MOST, MTM, MODAPTS) [LINK TO PAGE]
  • Evaluate collected data
  • Deliver recommendations and outcomes

What is Lean Manufacturing?

Lean manufacturing aims to eliminate waste and maximize productivity by identifying and eliminating anything that doesn't add value to the process, including time. As a result, Production Time Studies are often incorporated into our productivity improvement strategies alongside lean methodologies.

What is 5S and Muda/Mura/Muri?

Learn more about these lean manufacturing methodologies that PMC utilizes in production time study consulting

Why Choose PMC?

Leveraging our efficient and effective processes, PMC has provided lean methodology implementation to numerous satisfied customers over the past three decades. Our clients span a wide range of industries, including aerospace, automotive, healthcare, food and beverage, and warehouse and logistics, totaling over 800 satisfied customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you study time in production?
Time in production is studied through time studies, which involve recording and analyzing the time it takes to perform various tasks within a production process.
What is time study in production management?
Time study in production management is a systematic process of observing, recording, and analyzing the time required to perform specific tasks or activities within a production or manufacturing process.
What is the purpose of a time study?
The purpose of a time study is to accurately determine the time required to complete tasks, identify areas for process improvement, set performance standards, allocate resources effectively, and enhance productivity in a production environment.

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