Enhance Efficiency and Reduce Waste through PMC's Consultancy Services on Time and Motion Study

We offer consulting services on time and motion studies that aim to enhance the efficiency of your business and production processes.

PMC's proficient consultants will analyze the length and actions involved in particular tasks, deconstructing them into their constituents and measuring the time taken for each one. Additionally, we can observe the movements of workers to identify inefficient areas. Our services provide comprehensive recommendations on optimizing the process, boosting productivity, and minimizing waste.

We customize our time and motion study services to suit your precise requirements, helping your organization achieve optimal performance.

Our Time and Motion Study Services Include

What are Time and Motion Studies?

Our Time and Motion Experts

PMC is an authorized practitioner of PMTS techniques (Predetermined Motion Time Standards), which enables us to cater to diverse markets. Our extensive expertise in managing projects encompassing a broad range of cycle times (from 0.3 seconds to 23 hours) allows us to effectively identify and address your distinct objectives with confidence.

  • Proficient in implementing PMTS Work Measurement Techniques through practical experience
  • Successfully delivered 250+ projects using PMTS techniques
  • Our team is comprised of domain experts and skilled professionals with a cumulative experience of 75+ years
  • Global industrial exposure spread across India, USA, Mexico, Europe, and beyond
  • Possess global industrial exposure across India, USA, Mexico, Europe, and other regions
  • 80% of our customers have continued doing business with PMC

PMC Will Deliver :

  • Plan for the utilization of a suitable technique for addressing your specific problem statement
  • Employment of the most appropriate methodologies based on your industry type
  • An offering of recommendations and reports to optimize time and motion

Advantages & Benefits

  • Identify inefficiencies and bottlenecks in the workflow
  • Establish and optimize standards for a consistent pace of work
  • Determine the most effective work methods based on observations
  • Furnish fundamental building blocks for enhancing processes and maximizing labor utilization.

Industries which Benefit from Time & Motion Studies

Automotive Manufacturing
Energy and Utilities
Food and Beverage
Healthcare and Hospitals
Industrial Manufacturing
Logistics & Supply Chain
Renewables, Oil, and Gas
Warehouse and Logistics

Industrial Engineering Training

PMC provides an array of training courses in Industrial Engineering. With courses ranging from Six Sigma, Lean Manufacturing Techniques, 8S Core Courses, and more, PMC can assist you in augmenting your organization's manufacturing capabilities and advancing operational excellence through our comprehensive training programs.

1. Specialized Knowledge: Our expertise in industrial engineering equips your employees with the latest techniques and best practices in the field.

2. Customized Solutions: After analyzing your organization's operations, we deliver personalized training solutions to help you achieve your specific goals and objectives.

3. Implementation Assistance: We provide support in implementation to ensure that the learned techniques are effectively integrated for sustainable benefits.

4. Long-term benefits: The implementation of industrial engineering solutions can result in long-term benefits such as enhanced productivity, efficiency, and profitability.

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