Layout & Throughput Optimization for Vertical and/or Automated Farming

August 13, 2021

Layout & Throughput Optimization for Vertical and/or Automated Farming


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About PMC


Production Modeling Corporation (PMC) is a full-service Industrial Engineering Company with offices throughout the world with Headquarters the US.  PMC employs SME’s that have manufacturing process improvement and digital technology (Digital Twin) expertise in nearly every industry to include vertical farming, poultry and cattle processing, food and beverage, automotive, aerospace pharmaceutical and many others.


PMC invites you to consider the following proposal and information as a means of analyzing layouts and maximizing automation systems, to achieve optimal material handling systems and harvesting efforts.


Potential Scope Of Work




PMC would review the need to perform 2D/3D Digital Production Simulation Models.


Capable of developing and running “what-if scenarios” in a virtual environment to:

  • Analyze layout options
  • Optimize throughput and capacity planning
  • Optimizing robot movements
  • Optimizing workforce utilization
  • Ergonomic analysis



PMC would review the need  to perform Material Handling Studies to optimize your production output.

  • Ideal number of Carriers, Conveyors, Elevators, Sanitization Tunnels, Robots and/or other equipment
  • Optimization of Packing Lines



PMC would review the need  to perform any Robot and/or Automation Equipment Simulation Studies that would supplement the workforce with automation.

  • Where PMC would work with your robot and/or automation vendors to optimize each process.



PMC would review the need  to perform Worker Analysis with Time-and-Motion & Ergonomic studies

  • Time-and Motion (MODAPTS) Modular Arrangement of Predetermined Time Standards is a highly regarded method of a predetermined time system which deals with standard time values or units of human physical work that can be used for Donning & Doffing and more.
  • Ergonomic simulation for different types of workers and tasks:
  • 3D animation with dynamic statistical results to identify potential hazards that could cause worker injuries

Potential ROI


Historically, projects of this type performed by PMC have realized significant increases in:


Production Throughput Automation Utilization Production Output


Overall, clients that work with PMC have consistently seen ROI’s ranging from 10% – 70% either in throughput or utilization.  PMC’s special approach to streamlining processes and reducing costs is the reason we are now the largest independently owned industrial engineering company in the country.

Your Partner in Productivity Improvement


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We look forward to helping you achieve your goals.


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