PMC’s Multi-Highrise Project for Architectural Firm

May 13, 2024

PMC’s Multi-Highrise Project for Architectural Firm


joydeep | Senior Engineer - PMI Corps

The 10-person PMC team spent 4 days scanning two separate 16 and 18-floor high-rise buildings. The apartment buildings contained two different floor plan options, presenting the opportunity for time savings in the laser scanning process. Data and renderings of identical apartment models were replicated on the floors that were not individually scanned to complete and deliver an AR model and Site Revit Model. PMC developed and hosted web based virtual tours to support visualization and VR tours all with highly accurate, measurable data.

Successfully overseeing a laser scanning project in a multi-unit apartment building with active residents required meticulous planning. Implementing detailed schedules for each floor and room ensured smooth coordination. While notification delivery and on-site communication posed initial difficulties, proactive measures ensured effective engagement and cooperation from tenants and property management alike. Our team developed strategies that would be the least disruptive and utilized the fastest technology to ensure timeliness and ease for tenants. The latest in mobile scanning technologies were employed for interior scans, while terrestrial and drone scans were conducted for the exterior.

Collaborating closely with the client, our engagement involved in-depth discussions about architectural, structural, and MEP (Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing) details. PMC navigated open issues transparently, utilizing advanced technology for both presentations and scanning.

4,398 panoramas captured

29 NavVis data sets created

108,500 sq ft scanned

1430 linear feet of exterior facades

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