Synagogue Interior Facades and Tile Replacement

November 10, 2021

Synagogue Interior Facades and Tile Replacement


Stephanie Sobieski |

PMC laser scans and builds a 3D Revit model of a synagogue for Interior Facades and tile replacement.

Façade replacement using Laser Scanning and 3D Revit Modeling

PMC was hired to worked with a construction company that had a project that needed to replace a unique Synagogue interior facades and tile replacement. The design of the façade was pieced together as a puzzle board in a very non-unformed unique design. During consulting with the contractor, our team laser scanned the location, and we took the data that we collected to model the complex walls using the program Revit. Our modeling team took all the precautions in the BIM Revit model to ensure that each tile was numbered and aligned, so when the new tiles arrived the client could replace them in the exact location needed by the clients’ requirements.








Pictured above is the exterior of the Park Synagogue located 27500 Shaker Blvd, Pepper Pike, OH 44124

The Challenge

The façade stands at a height of two stories tall, which made measuring manually an impossible and complicated task to complete. Without the use of our laser scanning team and the data collection to accurately document each tile placement and thickness, the job of replacing each of the tiles would become a difficult project.

The Solution

PMC’s laser scanning team went and scanned the interior façade of the Synagogue. The data collected from the laser scanning allowed our team to create a 3D Revit model with 2D floor plans and elevation sections of the interior walls and tiles. This allowed the contractor to digitally catalogue and recreate the new interior wall panels through an additional woodworking vendor for replacement tiles.


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