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Material flow simulation is a computer-based modeling and analysis technique that is used to study the flow of materials through a system or process. It is used to optimize and design the material flow inside the facility and predict and prevent bottlenecks.

Reality Capture Advantages & Benefits for Manufacturing

  • Increase efficiency, minimize downtime, and boost overall output
  • Alleviate bottlenecks in material flow
  • Enhance the seamless flow of materials through the system
  • Identify, analyze, and proactively mitigate potential risks
  • Deliver accurate, realistic insights into system or process performance
  • Define optimal routes for Shuttles, Tuggers, AGVs, and Forklifts

Material Flow Simulation Objectives

  • To identify optimum MHE (Material Handling Equipements) count
  • MHE allocation to ensure 0 Stockouts at the Lineside
  • Track the traffic congestion on the aisles and provide recommendations
  • Define the shuttle & AGV routes
  • Identify optimum number of truck parking locations and dock locations

Software & Technologies

Market Areas

Material Flow Simulation Consulting can be applied to a variety of industries, including.

Warehouse and Logistics
Food and Beverage
Steel Manufacturing

Why Choose PMC?

Choose PMC for customer-centric Industrial Engineering solutions. With a proven track record of over 30 completed projects, our experienced team has developed a unique and accurate methodology for tackling simulation problems comprehensively. We bring expertise in 2D and 3D simulation software, ensuring efficient visualization of material flow and proactive issue identification. Trust PMC for tailored solutions, industry diversity, and a commitment to excellence.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is material flow simulation?
Material flow simulation is the process of using computer software to model and analyze the movement of materials in a manufacturing or production environment. The goal of material flow simulation is to improve material handling processes, reduce waste, increase efficiency, and optimize production output.
What is material flow optimization?
Material flow optimization is the process of improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the movement of materials in a manufacturing or production environment. This can include optimizing the storage, handling, and transportation of raw materials, work-in-progress, and finished goods to minimize waste, reduce costs, and increase production output.
How do you do a material flow analysis?
  1. Define the scope under study
  2. Identify all the material movement happening in the area under scope
  3. Collect all the relevant data
  4. Map the movement of the parts on layout
  5. Conceptualize
  6. Build the simulation model
  7. Understand Base line results
  8. Perform What-If Analysis to get the best solution
Why is it important to do the material flow analysis?
  1. To Increase efficiency and productivity of the system.
  2. Reduce costs by improving the flow of materials, reducing waste, minimize storage requirements, and lower transportation costs.
  3. Better decision making: Material flow simulation provides a virtual representation of a facility and its material handling systems, allowing for different scenarios and process changes to be tested and evaluated in a simulated environment before being implemented in real life. This leads to better decision making and reduces the risk of failed implementations.
    Typical objectives tackled by material flow simulation?
    • To identify optimum MHE (Material Handling Equipements) count
    • Provide recommendations to maintain minimum lineside inventory and ensure 0 Stockouts at the Lineside
    • Track the traffic congestion on the Aisles and provide recommendations to remove the same
    • Define the Shuttle & AGV Routes
    • Identify the optimum number of truck parking locations and dock locations
    When to perform Material Flow Simulation?
    • Material Flow Simulation can be performed for Green Field as well as Brown field facility
    • For Green Field study - Simulation will help to better plan the material flow throughout the facility and help in decision making to avoid any future issues in Material Handling system
    • For Brown Field, the study will help to improve the efficiency and reduce losses because of material unavailability at the lineside
    What are the inputs required for carrying out Material Flow Simulation?
    • Layout with all the details for Lineside, Warehouse, Docks, Parking locations etc.
    • Plan for every Parts - Detail Movement of parts from Dock to Warehouse to Lineside etc.
    • MHE properties
    • Consumption rate and line speed
    • Planned Lineside Capacity
    • Parking & Dock locations
    What is the average time required to carry out the material flow simulation?
    The amount of time required for study can vary depending on the complexity of the system or process being modeled and the availability of data. Simple models can be created in a few hours, while more complex models may take several days or weeks to complete.
    What much does the Material Flow Simulation cost?
    Cost of the project will vary depending on the complexity of the system and time required to perform the study.

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