PMC IT Staffing | The PMC Difference

April 21, 2021

PMC IT Staffing | The PMC Difference


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PMC provides a broad range of business analytics and business intelligence services to enable corporate decision-makers to increase their bottom line. The PMC Difference stems from a deep rooted philosophy of helping our clients achieve success at ever level of their organization. The relationship that we establish with our clients is not that of a vendor and customer, but rather a trusted partner that they can call when the need arises.


PMC’s business analytics and business intelligence services involve extracting patterns from large data sets by combining methods from statistics, operations research, and artificial intelligence with database management (Data Gathering, Warehousing, Querying, Reporting and Dashboard Development).

PMC’s process follows six phases:

  • Business Understanding
  • Data Understanding
  • Data Preparation
  • Modeling
  • Evaluation
  • Deployment


PMC’s team members and technical staff draw from decades of experience in statistics, forecasting, operations research, optimization, and simulation and database management. We deploy a large set of analysis and modeling techniques for every client. PMC can solve your unique problems, and here’s how:

  • We really do understand technology: Unlike most staffing companies, we have an IT department with Web Developers, Business Analysts, Project Managers, Data Scientists, etc.
  • We have 192 skill and competency tests that we perform to further screen candidates: This eliminates any unqualified candidates.
  • Turn-Around time: Resumes in your inbox in 8 to 24 hours.
  • NO Third Party consultants. We just don’t use them. All our consultants are on our W2: You don’t have to worry about contractors not getting paid, VISA issues, etc.
  • Over 300+ consultants in various IT roles: Web Developers, Business Analysts, Enterprise Architects, QA Analysts, Project Managers, Network/Systems Engineers, etc.
  • We have placed over 1000 people in various IT roles across the country: 40+ years of IT Staffing/Consulting experience is what we bring to the table.
  • Innovation: PMC leads the industry in IT Staffing innovation with productivity and process improvements in everyday operations of screening, interviewing, and qualifying candidates.
  • Advanced Screening and Recruiting Process: We have a 13 steps recruiting process unlike any other staffing firm in the business.


Let’s say for the sake of argument, you’re happy with your current IT Consulting/Staffing vendors. The next question would be, how are you measuring their performance, success on delivery, and value to your organization? Let PMC share with you the following list of principles, laws, or guidelines that has helped design and implement effective technology strategies and approaches for our customers.

  • Skill specific candidate testing: In order to ensure a candidate has the skills he says he has; we test him/her. These can be written tests, role-plays, simulations, or for example asking a Web Developer candidate to write a code snippet or asking a Business Analyst candidate to explain the key components in a Business Requirement Document (BRD). These tests will not necessarily be elaborate, but they will able to differentiate the candidates who have the necessary skills from those who don’t.
  • We include our technical personnel in the interview process: Having the final candidates interview with others in the company (especially those working at client sites in similar roles) provides additional perspectives on the candidate. Those additional perspectives greatly increase the odds of finding the best candidates.
  • Competitive Rates: The very best is always in high demand, and we realize that if we don’t literally “fight” for a top shelf candidate, you don’t get the best candidate in the market. That’s why we maintain a low profit margin to stay competitive and pass on low rates to our customers.
  • Speedy Response: Making fast hiring decisions is essential whenever a candidate in high demand decides to make a job switch. We normally respond with a resume profile to our customers within 24 hours.

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