Drone and Photogrammetry

Many design engineers of custom manufacturing and processing equipment are faced with a unique challenge. Prior to drafting a proposal, they perform a walk through of the client’s facilities for evaluation of optimal solutions. After successfully winning the project, the engineers will refer to the existing conditions that they start laser scanning during their walk through as they design and fabricate the new equipment.

Design and fabrication can take anywhere from 6 to 12 months. During that time frame, the facility often changes in ways that aren’t communicated to the design engineers. For instance, elements such as cable trays and control boxes are frequently moved, requiring modifications to the new equipment in order to accommodate them. These issues are often overlooked until the new equipment’s installation date, which results in field change orders.

By using laser scanning during the initial walkthrough, design engineers can document all conditions in the facility. This key procedure can help resolve questions that may subsequently arise concerning the responsibility for any field change orders and their costs.

Point cloud data from laser scanning

PMC’s reality capture team documents existing conditions as point cloud data.

Point cloud data from laser scanning

Point cloud data are important for producing accurate 2D CAD drawings of as-built facilities.

Point cloud data from laser scanning

The laser scanning process captures facility layout information for accurate data .

point cloud data from laser scanning

PMC field teams can scan black and white to color of your facility.

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