Asset Management Information with Laser Scanning and 3D Revit Modeling

by Emma Stasek

PMC was asked to participate in a pump station renovation in which asset and building life cycle management were high priority. Capturing post demolition conditions with terrestrial laser scanning assisted with the design process, and scanning final construction validated construction, graduating the design documents to as record drawing relevant for management of the building life cycle. The record drawings feature asset data such as model information and serial numbers for major equipment, key information for maintenance and repair.


The Challenge

Our partner’s primary challenge was their lack of in-house capability to handle the BIM and asset management requirement in the specification. PMC picked up this part of the project on their behalf.


The Solution

It was agreed that the project was a bit limited in scope to truly benefit from a rigorous BIM and VDC standard. PMC offered resourceful, cost-effective solutions to satisfy major project deliverables without negatively impacting the project schedule. PMC’s responsibility for the technology portions of the project allowed our partner to fully focus on what they’re best at – renovating critical pump stations infrastructure.

Inserting asset management information in the record model is one of many steps in accomplishing digital twins. Even this basic indexing allows the end user to be proactive in facilities management, reducing the possibility of unexpected failures, safety issues and more.


Written by Emma Stasek
[email protected]

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