Laser Scanning

PMC has worked within a wide range of environments that demand industry-specific procedures and policies with laser scanning. There is little that we have not seen, and our experience includes:

  1. Clean rooms and sanitary requirements, such as food production.
  2. Specialized safety training (chemical, explosives, oil & gas).
  3. Security clearances for secure government facilities.

Our field teams ensure that scanners and equipment are properly cleaned and have the correct protection needed for laser scanning. PMC reality capture experts also wear safety clothing as required (sanitary covering, fire retardant) when walking through the facility. Our knowledge of specialized protocols helps us avert delays or unexpected complications when preforming field work, and the result is that projects are completed on schedule every time.

With our wide range of past experiences, we are ready to take on the most complex requirements of any reality capture project.

Point cloud from laser scanning

PMC reality capture teams record point cloud data of existing conditions while complying with safety training.

Point cloud and 2D CAD from laser scanning

Point cloud data is vital to the creation of accurate 2D CAD drawings of documented clean rooms.

Point cloud from laser scanning

Laser scanning verifies and abides by governing protocols while documenting conditions throughout a facility.

PMC field teams ensure that all scanners and equipment are properly cleaned and covered in advance.

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