Educational Facility 3D Laser Scanning

May 13, 2024

Educational Facility 3D Laser Scanning


joydeep | Senior Engineer - PMI Corps

Through an engineering company, PMC executed a project for a substantial educational facility. Our reality capture team, consisting of three skilled technicians, spent three days on-site gathering data needed for architectural, structural, and MEP models. PMC utilized the SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping) Scanner for precision, traditional survey control for accuracy, and FARO laser scanners for above-ceiling capture. Drones were also deployed to comprehensively capture the entire property site and roof.

The school was in operation for the duration of the scanning. Therefore, the team only had after-hours to complete projects because of extracurriculars and meetings that took place on-site. This required discussions and planning with the client, ensuring the least disruption to their schedules as possible. Capturing the exterior during the winter also posed challenges due to limited workable daylight hours. The team achieved survey network adjustments on the site with a mean error of less than 2mm. By employing survey grid net adjustments, prism targets, and a specialized adapter with the same offset for the 3D laser scanner.

PMC assesses project scope and specifics with clients to ensure advanced technology collaboration meets the exacting needs of architects, construction teams, and other key stakeholders. Our assessments include architectural, structural, and MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing) aspects. We address issues with transparency to create confidence and guarantee project success.


  • Full scope BIM model
  • Revit

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